There's An Actual Aussie Supermarket Called KolesWorth

Here in Australia, a supermarket war has been waged for decades between two big names: Coles and Woolworths.

Over the past few years, there have been additions to this fight, like IGA and Aldi, but they're essentially fighting over the scraps left behind by these two behemoths.

However, it's our duty to tell you another name has entered the ring and it could make some serious waves in the country.

Introducing: KolesWorth.

Credit: Imgur
Credit: Imgur

So bold. So original. Such a nice ring to it.

There's no way this humble Victorian convenience store is simply an amalgamation of Coles and Woolworths with a cheeky letter change, this right here is visionary.

Located in Hughesdale, Melbourne, the store sells all the essentials and even alcohol, would you believe.

Their outside advertising is also pretty genius.

Credit: No Grey Creative
Credit: No Grey Creative

Credit: Coles
Credit: Coles

"Down go the prices and staying down," reads a big green and red sign on the shopfront window.

That doesn't sound or look anything like Coles' viral 'Down, Down, prices are down' advertising blitz from a few years ago. They've definitely not copied the thumbs down signage as well.

A Reddit user posted a photo of the shop onto the site and people absolutely loved it.

"When you're too drunk you can catch a ride in a Lyuber," wrote one person.

"Just like the politics are Laboral or Libor," said another.

Graphic design studio No Grey Creative has pointed out that the store pretty much breaks all the rules when it comes to advertising a business.

Credit: Sean Hasselback
Credit: Sean Hasselback

"Boldly breaking all the design rules with the use of a 'negative' thumbs down, the repeated use of red over green and no respect for continuity of fonts, I have to give a hats off to KolesWorth," writes the agency.

"I applaud what they are trying to do and let's face it, who amongst us has not fantasised about sticking it to the giants?

"With their monopoly on house brands and terrible quality of fresh produce to name a few gripes. Not to mention their treatment of Australian farmers and suppliers, plus the milk pricing scandal going on at the minute.

"Will it be enough to attract attention of the local neighbourhood and entice shoppers to make the switch?"

Either way, this store is bloody genius and we're all for it.

Featured Image Credit: Imgur

Stewart Perrie

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