London Musician Builds A Demonic Organ Made Entirely From Furbys

Every kid growing up in the 90s would have begged their parents to buy them a Furby - you know, those robotic, gobbledygook-spouting toys that the National Security Agency in the US banned from its premises for fear they'd spill official secrets.

Now 44 long-forgotten Furbys have been salvaged for an amazing, horrifying purpose: to be hooked up to a musical instrument and sing involuntarily as a choir. Shouldn't this count as animal torture or something?

Yep, 'musician and inventor' Sam Battle of the YouTube channel LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER has hacked together his own 'Furby organ' by collecting tons of the things and doing 'a heck of a lot of soldering'.

In his latest YouTube video, Battle - from London, England - explains his Frankenstein's monster of an organ, which holds Furbys hostage 'in a dreamlike state', connected to the machine in a tangled mess of lights and wires.

Battle got hold of the Furbys by 'trawling through eBay and rummaging through charity shops', taking the robotic creatures apart to fix them to his long-planned creation.

Once Battle flicks the terrifyingly-named 'collective awakening switch', the Furbys suddenly come to life, all frantically twitching their eyes and chattering away at once - truly a hideous spectacle.


After he shows off some of the organ's features, such as voice manipulation, Battle plays a song using the Furby organ. Some of the Furbys' eyes flash a sinister red as they scream along to the tune, while others just look smacked up to their eyeballs.

The song itself that Battle plays with the Furbys - backed up by a drum machine - is oddly comforting, drifting along before he slams the keyboard in victorious celebration.


Seeing one of your favourite childhood toys being abused in this way is bound to elicit some strong reactions, and people watching on YouTube seem to be simultaneously impressed but horrified by Battle's brilliance.

"This dude is like an 80s musical mad scientist," one guy said.

"I feel like he is going to inadvertently open the gates of hell by doing this," one YouTube commenter added, echoing our thoughts exactly.

"You took so much time asking yourself if you could, but you never asked yourself if you should," one person added. Isn't that the question that most of humanity should probably ask itself?

Whether you think it's brilliant or just plain terrifying, Battle's creation is certainly... interesting. Now someone should probably call the RSPCA. I think.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

Chris Ogden

Chris Ogden is a journalist at LADbible. He graduated from the University of East Anglia with degrees in English Literature and Creative Writing before completing his NCTJ Diploma in Multimedia Journalism. Chris has previously written for the independent culture magazine The Skinny, among other publications.

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