Man Runs One Million Volts Through Himself 'To Get Superpowers'

As children, most of us probably dreamt of having super powers. In fact, fuck it, as adults, most of us probably still dream of having super powers.

Being able to fly, turning invisible at will, teleportation, shooting all sorts of weird webs out of your wrists, the list is endless.


Sadly, most of us will never come into contact with a radioactive spider and, in real life, if you're exposed to high levels of gamma rays, you won't turn into the Incredible Hulk, you'll just die. Sorry to be the barer of bad news, but there we are.

However, one man has managed to give him 'super powers', which are like a really piss-poor version of Eleven's powers in Stranger Things, and all he had to do was run one million volts of electricity through himself.

The blokes who make this set up say they manage to keep the fella safe with a 'homemade resistor', while he dons a tin foil suit - anyone else thinking 'fuck that'? Homemade? He's using a bloody rubber glove to protect himself from a megavolt. And then a broom? Nah, mate. I am out.

Anyway, somehow our man in the orange t shirt doesn't die. His hair slowly starts to stand on end, as his pal (who's obviously got more sense than to put himself in the dangerous situation) increases the volts.

Is being able to do this worth risking your life for? Clearly, this bloke thinks it is. Credit: YouTube/kreosan

After a quick outfit change, the man starts checking out his new 'powers', and - yeah, he can make a balloon come over to him and shoot these sort of electric arcs from his hands, which looks pretty cool, but is it worth risking actual death for? I'm going to say no.

As a responsible human being, I feel like I should probably now warn you guys not to try this at home, but I'm also pretty confident none of you would be daft enough to do it in the first place. Just keep your eyes out for that radioactive spider instead.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/kreosan

Claire Reid

Claire Reid is a journalist at LADbible. Claire graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a BA in journalism. She’s previously worked at Trinity Mirror. Since joining LADbible, Claire has worked on pieces for the UOKM8? mental health campaign, the Yemen crisis, life in the Calais Jungle as well as a profile of a man who is turning himself into a cyborg.

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