The world was undoubtedly shocked last week when images emerged of an Iranian teenager sporting what some were calling a ghoulish appearance. But this was no late Halloween costume - this appeared to be Sahar Tabar's attempt to look like her idol Angelina Jolie.

The 19-year-old claims to be one of the actor's biggest fans and has reportedly gone under the knife dozens of times to look as close to the 42-year-old as possible.

The teen has been accused of using prosthetics, excessive make-up or even photoshop to achieve her look as there are a few videos which show a much less dramatic version of her face. Regardless, whatever she does to get this appearance clearly takes a shit load of work.

However, new photos have emerged showing what Sahar looked like before her reported surgeries - which seem to include a nose job and lip fillers - and the comparisons are incredible.

Sahar Tabar

Credit: Sahar Tabar/Instagram

Sahar Tabar

Credit: Sahar Tabar/Instagram

At her peak, the teenager had amassed more than 300,000 followers on Instagram, but according to her profile, that's now dropped to a little more than 70,000.

Unfortunately, her page was hit was a variety of nasty comments, with people comparing her to an extra from The Walking Dead, the title character in Tim Burton's Corpse Bride or even as Yzma from The Emperor's New Groove.

According to reports, she shed more than 36 kilograms to get her weight to around 40kgs in a bid to mirror Ms Jolie's thin frame.

Facebook users have called into question the ethics of doctors who would carry out such procedures. Hundreds of comments highlighted this area of concern, with Jadey writing: "What doctor would do that to a young girl?? They should be ashamed!"

Sahar Tabar

Credit: Sahar Tabar/Instagram

Sarah added: "The doctors should be struck off, she's dangerously underweight. Chances are she has body dysmorphia and shouldn't be operated on."

Many people have tried to transform their face or body to resemble a well-known celebrity and I'm yet to see anyone actually succeed.

Twin brothers, Matt and Mike Schlepp from Arizona are the latest people to try and emulate a famous person; interestingly, Ms Jolie's former husband, Brad Pitt.

They spent a grand total of £15,000 ($20,000) on plastic surgery and then the aspiring actors went on MTV's I Want A Famous Face to complete the look.

Twin Brothers

Credit: I Want A Famous Face / MTV

As part of the lengthy process, Mike got a nose job and cheek, jaw and chin implants, while Matt had a nose job and a chin implant. Between the two of them, they also had 41 porcelain veneers. The process took months, and the painful procedures involved left them unable to eat proper meals after the op.

"I would do it ten times over," he said. "It has definitely helped me get more girls. I'll walk and get that double-take from girls and hear the whispering that follows."

"I've had such a dramatic change that girlfriends I hadn't seen in a while couldn't stop staring, and said they wanted to cry. If that doesn't make you feel good, then what would?

Mmmhmm, right.

Featured Image Credit: Sahar Tabar/Instagram​

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