Pineapple Christmas Trees Are Actually A Thing Now, According To The Internet

If you're one of those people who thinks putting pineapple on top of a pizza is a criminal misuse of tropical fruit then you may want to look away now.

I'm not sure if people have always been this weird and it's just that the internet gives is a virtual window into their living rooms now, or if people have become weirder because of that fact.

Either way, the people of Pinterest/Instagram have ditched their ridiculous pineapple jack-o'-lanterns and started haphazardly crafting pineapple Christmas trees instead.

It's not clear what exactly the lure of the pineapple is when it comes to homemade holiday decorations, but clearly there is something there.

This year, 'pineapple Christmas trees' is one of the most searched terms on Pinterest. In fact, it's up more than 3,406 percent in 2017 vs. 2016.

For those of you who aren't so good at maths - that's a lot.

Elsewhere online, these ludicrous yuletide decorations are being heralded as 'genius' and 'really cute'.

Everyone's entitled to their own opinions I suppose, but why not take a look at some of the internet's finest Christmas pineapples and reach an informed viewpoint of your own.

If you're feeling confused, you're not alone.

However, if you're feeling somehow compelled to go out, buy a pineapple and try your hand at making any potential house guests think you're losing your grip on reality then good news, it couldn't be easier.

After spending some time inspecting the images above, it would seem that there are two key elements in the art of Christmas pineapple-making: 1. sunglasses, and 2. baubles. Oh, and obviously a pineapple but that's kind of implied, really.

Once you've hung your baubles from the leaves of your fruit and positioned the gaudiest shades you can get your hands on carefully in place, you're all good to go.

Simply find a good spot for your creation and just wait for the insincere, subtly mocking compliments to start flowing in.

Merry pineapplemas, one and all.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie is a Trending Journalist at LADbible. His first job was as a newsreader and journalist at the award winning Sydney radio station, Macquarie Radio. He was solely responsible for the content broadcast on multiple stations across Australia when the MH17, Germanwings and AirAsia disasters unfolded. Stewart has covered the conflict in Syria for LADbible, interviewing a doctor on the front line, and has contributed to the hugely successful UOKM8 campaign.

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