Weird 'Half Human, Half Animal' Creature 'Spotted In Argentina'

A bizarre looking creature, described as a 'half human, half animal, has reportedly been spotted in Argentina.

Credit: YouTube / UFOMania

Understandably, local residents are freaking out after the beast has been spotted strutting around the streets of Santa Fe.

According to YouTube channel UFOMania, two dogs have already been killed by the creature, which some have described as looking like a camel, while others think it looks more like a dog or animal/human hybrid.

In the (admittedly very blurry) photo of the beast uploaded to UFOMania, the thing appears to have very long, thin limbs. It's accused of killing a pitbull and a German shepherd.

The clip has been viewed thousands of times, as well as attracting a bunch of comments from people claiming they have seen a similar-looking beast.

One poster wrote that it saw one in crossing a bridge in 2005; writing: "It blew my mind because it looked at us and turned and began moving just like a kangaroo would and cleared the concrete bridge wall easily and dropped at least 15 to 20 feet."

Credit: YouTube/UFO Mania
Credit: YouTube/UFO Mania

One viewer wrote: "That thing is demonic. Very cryptid. When a mysterious creature appears, it magically disappears. Sounds like a spirit. You cannot find evidence of a spirit."

While a second wrote: "It's my ex-girlfriend." Huge, if true.

Another said: "Here in the Philippine it is called ASWANG a man transforms into a monster dog it is a demon it can even shift into a cat or a big bird."

Others agreed it was a shape-shifting demon or even the legendary Chupacabra - a blood-sucking animal which, according to folklore, feasts on livestock. Nothing to worry about then, eh?


Well, perhaps not, because if this article on Inexplicata is anything to go by, it's actually a mock-up based on Remus Lupin from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Also known as Moony, the character was a werewolf, half-blood wizard and professor who was sadly killed by a Death Eater at the Battle of Hogwarts. Still, it's nice to see he lives on, both in people's memories and in Argentina, isn't it?

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/UFOMania

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