Woman Refuses To Move From Parking Space To Save It For Her Dad

Saving a space for someone who's Not Here Yet in a packed place or queue can be really infuriating for other people - even though we'd all do it for a friend or family member who is running late.

Now one incident on camera has caught the moment that a woman and her mum in New York City refused to budge from standing in a parking space - even though they weren't even in a car.

Filmed by driver Nicholas Chew on his dash cam, the woman in Flushing, Queens, stood in the parking space, claiming that her dad was soon arriving to use the space and that Chew should find somewhere else to park. Does she know how car parks work?

Credit: ViralHog
Credit: ViralHog

"This morning, we went to have dim sum in Flushing and drove into the big parking lot that everyone packs into on weekends," Chew said, in a caption on the video he uploaded to YouTube.

"I saw a spot and started driving towards it when this girl comes running in while I'm turning into the spot. She stands there saying that she was here first and that I should find another spot."

The footage shows Chew honking his horn and urging the woman to move, shouting: "Are you serious? This is a car parking space, not a woman parking space, get out of here!"

The woman's mum eventually joined her daughter who kept trying to wave the car away. Yet all that resulted was a stand-off, with Chew threatening to stay there until she moved, saying: "I've got time."

Credit: ViralHog
Credit: ViralHog

Chew later said that the women called him 'unreasonable', although the dad's white Jeep Compass was nowhere to be seen because it was in the next aisle in the parking lot.

The driver added that when the dad's Jeep finally arrived, it "tried to come up real close to my car as if it was going to intimidate me to leave."

"I'm sure we've all had our share of standing in spots hoping to save it for someone, but if another car gets there first, we don't act like little entitled children like these two here," he said.

Chew explained he eventually gave up, but only because there was a huge line of other cars stuck behind them. He also thanked a bystander who offered him her spot to end the stand-off, calling her 'the real MVP'.

Yeah, there's saving a space, and then there's this.

Featured Image Credit: ViralHog

Chris Ogden

Chris Ogden is a journalist at LADbible. He graduated from the University of East Anglia with degrees in English Literature and Creative Writing before completing his NCTJ Diploma in Multimedia Journalism. Chris has previously written for the independent culture magazine The Skinny, among other publications.

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