Elderly Woman Sent Into Death Defying Spin As She's Airlifted By Helicopter

There's nothing worse than injuring yourself in a remote area, especially if said injury means you can't get out safely. What usually follows is a bit of a rescue mission from emergency services and then they send you on your way.

Well, spare a thought for this elderly woman who was sent into a literal tailspin as she was airlifted from Piestewa Peak in Phoenix, Arizona.

The 74-year-old was hiking when she suffered an undisclosed injury and firefighters decided to best course of action was taking her to hospital via helicopter. Sounds pretty breezy right?

Well, sadly for the victim, the helicopter's rotor blades caused a hell of a lot of downward pressure, causing the medical vessel she was in to spin dramatically.

Imagine being in a bit of pain, thinking you were going to a better place (hospital not the afterlife) and then you start rotating so fast you thought you'd travel back in time?

Firefighting officials have held a news conference to go through why this elderly woman was subjected to a ride you'd see at an extreme theme park while trying to be rescued.

Apparently there was a line that is always used to prevent this sort of thing from happening that wasn't properly secured.

Credit: Fox News
Credit: Fox News

According to Fox News, the woman didn't suffer any ill effects from the dramatic spin except for a bit of nausea and dizziness.

Rob McDade of the Phoenix Fire Department: "Firefighters made patient contact and decided that the best course of action was to fly the patient off the mountain."

It didn't take long for people online to start attaching songs like 'You Spin Me Right Round' to the terrifying video.

It's prompted some pretty hearty laughs from others on social media, with one person writing: "Mate, I'm legit crying from laughing so hard at this. I'm like, borderline speechless, I'm crying and laughing so hard."

Another added: "This video made me throw up, I am sure that she was not able to walk for a bit after that spinning!"

A third added: "But it all seriousness, I hope she's OK from that. That must've been a real nightmare. The rescue was far worse on her than her original injury most likely!"

Thankfully the elderly woman seems okay and didn't get sent into a different dimension. Hopefully the firefighters remember to attach the right rope next time.

Featured Image Credit: Fox News

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