Fire Extinguisher Set Off In 'Homeless' Woman's Face At Point Blank Range

Shocking video footage showing a group of yobs cruelly blasting a fire extinguisher in the face of a woman who is believed to be homeless has gone viral.

The video was filmed by one of the group carrying out the attack in Peace Park in Sligo, Ireland, on Sunday 2 September.

The footage shows the group approaching the woman, who is sat on a park bench, before setting off the fire extinguisher in her face.

As they run towards the woman, one of the group shouts 'gang gang gang' into the camera, using his red hooded sweater to cover his face.

Another, dressed in a grey hooded top with his hood up and black bottoms, runs over to the woman carrying a large fire extinguisher.

He then blasts the woman in the face with freezing dry smoke for several seconds while the woman merely sits unable to get away from the boys or prevent the attack.

Laughing among themselves, the group then run away. The woman does not even move to defend herself, let alone try and chase the boys down afterwards.

Little is known about the woman, although it is suspected that she is homeless and had been sleeping rough on the park bench.

Credit: News Dog Media
Credit: News Dog Media

Since being uploaded, the clip has gained over 200,000 views and social media users have expressed outrage at the boys' actions and sadness at the sorry state of their defenceless victim.

One commenter said: "WTF is wrong w ppl," while another said the perpetrators were 'sick people'.

Another added: "SO SAD! People in this generation will do anything to get followers. I hope the police get them... This generation is fucked up u know. You never know what that woman was going through in that moment and even now. I can't see nothing funny in that video."

And another said: "Sad part is she didn't even feel the need to fight back."

It is not the first time youths have performed such a callous attack on a homeless person using a fire extinguisher.

In June 2015, police in Bolton launched an investigation after a homeless man was sprayed in the face with a powerful powder extinguisher by a group of young men.

Featured Image Credit: News Dog Media

Nathan Standley

Nathan Standley is a freelance journalist and LADBible contributor. He graduated from Durham University with a degree in Anthropology before going on to do a Master’s degree in Journalism at the University of Sheffield. He also writes articles for The Versed and is the Cultural Editor of The Common Sense Network.

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