Schoolies On The Gold Coast Have Been Getting Bin Chicken Tattoos And Why Not?

Forget getting a symbol, song lyric, picture or phrase that means something close to your heart as a tattoo - that is no longer in vogue.

As the revered 'bin chicken', otherwise known as the Australian white ibis, continues to sit at the top of the Guardian's poll for Aussie Bird of the Year, it appears that some people want to make the chook a permanent part of their body.

There's no denying that some pretty stupid behaviour takes place on at the annual pilgrimage to places like the Gold Coast, Byron Bay or Bali; where teenagers let off a bit of steam after finally finishing high school.

Surfers Paradise
Surfers Paradise

Credit: Tristanb (Creative Commons)

Many people pick up a tattoo at schoolies and usually it's god awful, however there is a handful of people who are getting legendary tatts of our soon-to-be favourite bird of the year.

At Crossfire Tattoos and Piercing, they have a system where you agree to fork out between $100-150 and you get whatever design pops out of a canister.

The aptly titled 'Get What You Get' feature has a range of potential tatts, ranging from 'YTB' or 'YTG' (Yeah The Boys/Girls), a rose, various animals, or a skull and bones.

But one of the best potential designs, without doubt, is the bin chicken.

However, there's not just one drawing of the long-billed bird; you could walk away with one of six different examples of the white and black monster, ranging from it eating pizza, wearing sunnies, smoking a ciggie or even one that's half bin and half bin chicken.

Tattoo artist Luke Braniff has told Yahoo7: "We've done about 10 [ibises] during schoolies I reckon. They love it, they think it's great.

Credit: Crossfire Tattoos and Piercing

Credit: Crossfire Tattoos and Piercing

Credit: Crossfire Tattoos and Piercing

"The schoolies have some fun before they become serious adults and the tattoos are normally something funny they'll remember the week by."

Jarod Christie, who is a loud and proud schoolie, told the news organisation: "I am really satisfied with the ibis tattoos, there are much worse things I could have gotten and now they are always a conversation starter."

Top LAD.

Options for Tattoos
Options for Tattoos

Credit: Crossfire Tattoos and Piercing

Luke adds: "The kids are a little bit smarter this year, most popular are palm trees and waves but we have seen a few more daring ones.

"We've had requests for beer logos - one asked for a XXXX one and someone asked for the Bundaberg Rum bear."

There are plenty of designs which would be 1,000 times worse than a good-natured bin chicken - hopefully these schoolies will look at their tattoo for decades to come and smile.

Sources: Yahoo7

Featured Image Credit: Crossfire Tattoo and Piercing

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