Doctor Removes 15 Years' Worth Of Gunk From Woman's Clogged Ear

If you were scared to clean your ears, knowing how much gunk would have potentially built up in there, would you let the doctor removing that gruesome shit whip a camera out and start filming? Would you bollocks.

Well, unless you're this woman who hasn't cleaned the wax and dirt out her ears for 15 years.

And the footage of the incident shows a metal tool prodding around and collecting all the crap from the woman's ear canal - I mean surely that's worse than using a little cotton bud?

This will be right up the street of anyone who loves watching a good old pimple popping video:

But why? Why did it get so bad that a doctor was fishing around for the chunks of wax? Because the woman was afraid of getting water in her ears.

The woman (who has remained anonymous, probably for own benefit) was complaining that she couldn't hear. Should we be surprised?

It soon became clear that there was such a build up that when it was removed the wax amounted to around the size of a grape.

When the wax was removed from the woman's ear. Credit: Newsflare
When the wax was removed from the woman's ear. Credit: Newsflare

The procedure, which took place at a clinic in northern Phu Tho Province in the north of Vietnam, was carried out by a doctor, named only as Tuan.

The clip shows the doctor using a scraper-like device to remove the disgusting accumulation of earwax and dirt from the woman's ear, filmed with a tiny camera.

Although the woman said she felt pain during the procedure, it took only four minutes and the doctor was able to completely remove the build-up of muck.

The woman's ear after the buildup was removed. Credit: Newsflare
The woman's ear after the buildup was removed. Credit: Newsflare

According to the MailOnline, the woman had so much inside her ears she couldn't hear traffic outside.

After everything had been removed, Dr Tuan instructed the woman on how she should clean her ears properly in future. Jesus, it's like being shown how to brush your teeth.

Back in May, we shared a video from popular YouTuber/ear doctor (which is definitely a thing in 2018) who revealed some absolutely horrific footage of himself removing a whole heap of earwax from someone's ear.

Credit: StoryTrender
Credit: StoryTrender

As it happens, the patient's ear canal was so blocked that she had developed a fungal infection and was partially deaf.

The patient, who was a hearing aid user, could no longer use the device because the wax was so vast that it was making them whistle.

Clean your ears, people.

Featured Image Credit: Newsflare

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