'Transhumanist' Has Over 100 Body Modifications

A man who called himself a 'transhumanist' has showed off some of the incredible body modifications that he's been collecting for 30 years - beginning when he was just five years old.

Russ Foxx, 36, has more than 100 modifications, including an electrical key in his hand which he can use to open doors and horns implanted under his skin.

He says he became 'fascinated' by body mod after getting his ears pierced when he was just five years old. Fast-forward to his 18th birthday and he already had more than 50 piercings in his face, earning himself the nickname 'Tackle Box'.

Russ, from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, said: "I started modifying with ear piercings at the age of five, soon leading into brightly coloured hair.

Credit: StoryTrender
Credit: StoryTrender

"I'm not forcing anyone to like the modifications and I encourage people to ask questions if they're intrigued.

"If you want to ask a modified individual questions, you should always take the same consideration that you would when approaching anybody else in public."

In fact, he's so into body mod, he's even made a career out of it, having performed tens of thousands of procedures, including a forked snake tongue, ultraviolet tattoos and pointed ears.

He's also the proud owner of 'scarifications' - where an image is scratched into skin, with the scarring healing into a piece of art - and an implanted 3D silicon scarab.

"If there is anything I truly own, it's my body," Russ said.

"I view modifications as the art and my body is the canvas.

"I define myself as a transhumanist - I evolve with technology and time.

"I'm always updating; always upgrading.

"Since becoming an adult, I find myself gravitating towards more functional modifications that enhance my natural abilities - such as unlocking my front door with a device I've had surgically implanted in my hand.

"Though occasionally I undergo modifications just for aesthetic reasons."

Credit: StoryTrender
Credit: StoryTrender

He's currently upgrading the silicone horns that he has fitted into his head, to 'lead the shallow and judgmental away'. Fair enough.

He also has a warning for anyone considering getting a body mod, whether it's having silicone horns implanted or a less-extreme tattoo or piercing.

He said: "Whether its tattoos, piercings or advanced body modifications, do not choose the cheap option.

"You only get one body, and your health is of the upmost importance."

Featured Image Credit: StoryTrender

Claire Reid

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