Man Arrested After Robbing Two Banks With An Avocado

Everyone knows that avocados are a pretty revered fruit. They're used for so many different things, have some lovely health benefits and provide your body with a bunch of nutrients.

But apparently they can also be used for harm.

Sure, you could do some damage with the stone of the fruit but you can also fool some bank clerks into thinking you have a weapon.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

That's exactly what a robber allegedly did in Israel when he used an avocado to steal from two banks.

The 47-year-old is accused of walking into the Postal Bank in a Beersheba, armed with a humble avo that he painted black and telling the clerk that if she didn't hand over NIS 16,000 (AUD$6,733), he would detonate his 'grenade'.

He allegedly slid over a note that revealed his intentions and the clerk promptly followed with his commands.

The Times Of Israel reports he went to a second bank five days later and did the exact same thing and walked away with NIS 12,000 (AUD$4,803).

Credit: Israel Police
Credit: Israel Police

Obviously when you're on the receiving end of a bank robbery your main concern is to remain calm and follow requests to ensure everyone stays alive. The fact that he was threatening a grenade as well escalates the situation.

But surely you want to take a peek at the weapon they're brandishing.

While the crafty alleged thief was smart enough to wear a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses and an eye patch to avoid detection, he was caught by his phone.

Police tracked his mobile phone, which pinged off the right towers to place him at the scene of the crime.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

But if you think that is a wild weapon to use, what about this bloke in Malayasia.

The conman managed to steal $182,000 from a bank using only a piece of paper. We all know paper cuts can hurt like a bitch but this is taking it up a notch.

He told bank staff that he was a technician and was employed to check out some restricted areas. He inspected the smoke alarms in order to keep up appearances and complained to a security guard that he hadn't been helped by some of the bank staff.

Within 20 minutes, he'd made off with the cash and would laugh all the way to (another) bank.

Granted, that's more Ocean's 11 rather than a proper heist but it's still pretty cool

Featured Image Credit: PA

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