You're probably immediately thinking of Area 51, the no-so secret United States Air Force facility located in the Nevada desert; but you can actually see that on Google Maps pretty clearly.

The internet is full of articles which explore locations around the world that are very deliberately blurred out. Some conspiracy theorists speculated that it was because they were government or military places that the public should have no business snooping around. However, it appears that almost all of those mysterious spots have been made visible again.

But there are a few locations on Earth which Google Maps isn't able to show, for whatever reason.

The Marcoule Nuclear Site is very clearly censored by the search engine as the area around it is as clear as day. Built in 1956, it has been used for industrial and military plutonium experiments. There was an explosion in 2011 which killed one person and injured four others.

Nuclear site

Credit: Google Maps

But there's no reason why it has been blurred out on Google Maps.

Another location has been speculated about since eagle-eyed people noticed a stretch of land on the US-Mexico border.

It looks like the area near Hudspeth County, Texas received the Vincent van Gogh treatment. The strange, swirled imagery goes on for about 15 miles and but it's suspected to be deliberate and not a technological mishap. There's no official confirmation about why, however some have speculated that the Mexican side is a known drug smuggling route.

Hudspeth County

Credit: Google Maps

This next one is more bizarre as it applies to just one house in the Netherlands. It's official address is listed as Oorsprongpark 8 at 3581 ET Utrecht and is the only property in a row of terraced houses that is censored.

When you look on Google Street View, there are no aliens at the door, no secret military plane garage, no devious looking activity, just a normal house.

Netherlands house

Credit: Google Maps

There is a way for you to blur out the Street View section of your house if your face or anything sensitive was captured when the Google car drove past.

That occurred to one particular property in Stockton-on-Tees, but the owner last year couldn't work out why. Jane Allison told the Express: "I've been in this house since 2000 but I have no idea why you can't see it."

So if you're tired of people looking at you stumbling out of your house or in the middle of an accident, you can always report it to Google and get it removed.

Sources: Express

Featured Image Credit: Google Maps

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