Teenage Boy Sent Home From School Over ‘Inappropriate Haircut’

Depending on what school you went to, having a 'proper' haircut and a clean-shaven face would most likely have been a must. You couldn't have any wild colours, lines shaved into the sides or any other buffoonery - it pretty much had to be a short-back-and-sides for the lot of us.

So you can imagine a boy and his mum's confusion when the teenager was sent home from school because his haircut was deemed inappropriate.

Was Casey Healy rocking some braids from his summer holiday? Did he have 'DICK' carved into his sides after a hilarious prank from his mates? Was he donning a full-on rainbow mohawk?

No, no and no again.

The 14-year-old was told to go home because this hairstyle didn't match school protocol.

Credit: BPM Media
Credit: BPM Media

I dunno, it looks a lot like a short-back-and-sides job to me.

The boy's mum Charlotte said: "[His hair] wasn't a dramatic cut, it was just a little bit shaved and then longer on the top. But he was sent home because I've already told them he isn't allowed to go into isolation.

"He's come home scared and a bit worried over just a haircut. He has been [at the school] for three years, he has 100 percent attendance and his punctuality is 100 percent.

"Casey hasn't gone back in today, so now he's missing more time off school, which he doesn't really need to be doing. He's got his GCSEs coming up."

Credit: BPM Media
Credit: BPM Media

He got the fresh cut because of his brother's communion and Charlotte says that she's considering pulling her son out of the school in Chelsea, London because of the way administrators have acted.

"I don't really feel comfortable sending him back," Miss Healy added. "To get into this school we've had to go to church, we've had to make sure that we are there every Sunday.

"He's had to become an altar boy and his attendance is 100 percent, he is clean and tidy. It is just a simple shave with a bit cut on the side. One of my neighbours even said, 'That's a lovely army haircut he has.'"

Credit: BPM Media
Credit: BPM Media

According to the school's code of conduct: "Boys must be clean shaven, and appearance must be of a high standard. No gel, mousse or wax. Boy's hairstyles should be neat, tidy and a uniform length all over.

"Boy's hair should not be too short or too long. Students are not allowed to come to school with dyed hair or extreme hairstyles. Hair designs are not permitted."

Um, then what the hell is this business then?

Trevor Papworth, head teacher of Thomas More Language College, said: "We are working with the family and are certainly not preventing Casey from returning to school at any time.

"We have exceptionally high behaviour for learning and uniform standards, which are key reasons why pupils make excellent progress, which is reflected in our Ofsted Report.

"Our policy on all aspects of uniform, including hair styles, is clear in all our literature and website, which is demonstrated by the exemplary appearance of our pupils."

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