Tony 'Hulk' Geraldo and Alvaro 'Conan' Pereira are two Brazilian brothers with one major thing in common: they both have absolutely tankin' arms, making them South America's answer to Popeye.

Hulk, 49, has 28-inch biceps, while 50-year-old Conan's are 25 inches, and the pair are said to have sought inspiration from Arnold Schwarzenegger - in particular, from the time when he played Conan the Barbarian.

But apparently the secret to their impressive girth isn't just a case of hitting the gym once in a while - having both been injecting steroids since their teens, when they thought they were 'too skinny', the Daily Mail reports.

The bulky duo regularly use dangerous chemical injections, injecting them two times a week with five days in between.

Credit: Barcroft
Credit: Barcroft

Pereira began injecting his biceps and legs with a supplement called Potenay B12 (usually only used on animals like horses) on and off since he was 15, before Geraldo started doing the same when he turned 18.

While they say there was a time when they were 'addicted to getting big', they now reckon they have it under control.

"Back then we were [addicted]," Pereira said. "Today, no. I have it under control.

"People around me didn't let me go on the wrong path and I did the same with my brother. He always wants to be bigger, but I always tell him that we need to be careful."

Credit: Barcroft
Credit: Barcroft

As well as the 'roids, the brothers work out for hours together everyday. They also follow a strict diet, with Geraldo explaining he eats every three hours (usually egg, sweet potatoes and meat), while Pereira eats four times a day. They also usually have 12 bananas and six egg whites before a workout - makes your stomach church just thinking about it.

They both aim to hit between 4,000 and 6,000 calories a day. God, imagine the possibilities.


Their families apparently have mixed feelings about their steroid use. Pereira's wife, who he met at the gym, is supportive of his choices - as are his seven children.

But the bodybuilders' doctor recently insisted they stop - both for for health reasons, and because their skin can't stretch any further.

Turns out Geraldo's wife of 27 years isn't so keen, either.

Credit: Barcroft
Credit: Barcroft

"My wife doesn't like it," Geraldo explained. "However, I am happy with myself. She has to accept me like I am, or we will have to go on separate ways.

"I usually tell my wife that she's the only one who doesn't like me. Other women love my size, they love it.

"Once we were walking in front of my gym and I told her, 'Look, if you don't want me there are several other girls who does,' then pointed to all the girls coming to talk to me."

Bloody savage, that.

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