Video Footage Shows 'Ghost' Moving Around In Sleeping Man's Bedroom

A young woman has shared a video on Reddit that seems to show a ghost entering her dad's bedroom and messing about with his sheets before completely disappearing into thin air.

If you were a fan of the film Paranormal Activity, this one's for you. If you were terrified beyond belief by that particular film series, perhaps give this footage a miss.

The footage is short and grainy - obviously because it is dark in the room - but you can clearly make out the sheet moving and then dropping again almost instantly.

Is this conclusive proof that there are ghosties and ghoulies out there sneaking around our bedrooms whilst we sleep, fiddling about with our bedwear?

You be the judge.

On the far left there, what's that? Credit: Reddit
On the far left there, what's that? Credit: Reddit

The concerned daughter, who somehow obtained this footage from within her dad's bedroom, which is strange enough, shared it with the internet in her search for answers.

She said: "My dad has been feeling his sheets being messed with and someone sitting on his bed in the night so he set up a camera.

"This is what he saw. I'm freaked TF out. Look at the sheets lifting up and what comes out of the side of it. It like dissolves into thin air??"

Right, to many people it might just look like her dad rolling over and then dropping his arm, but to some people it also looks like a ghost either getting into or out of the bed.

Are you sold on the existence of ghosts after this? Credit: Reddit
Are you sold on the existence of ghosts after this? Credit: Reddit

As you can probably imagine, the internet is divided over what it actually is. In much the same way that some people believe in ghosts without question and some think they are complete bollocks.

One concerned response to the original post said: "It looks like a man wearing a night cap getting out of the bed and then vanishing.

"It clearly looks like it has a 'shape' under the blanket if you watch how the blanket falls after the 'head' appears. But as he sits up, the sheet falls as if the 'body' is vanishing along with the head."

Can you see that?

Or are you in the camp of this person, who said: "It's your dad's elbow, I believe his left one. He is obviously a pretty weird sleeper.

"But it is your dad sort of stretching slowly rolling over and then his elbow (which people think is some sort of 'head') pops out of the sheet and falls over to the bed beside him.

"Then you can see his body lying there - I assume face up, rolling from his right side over to his back, and that is his left elbow pulling up the sheets, but I'm not sure.

"Can't really make it out from this camera. And if you connect that with his feet kicking the blankets on the other side, it all sort of makes sense."

Paranormal Activity eat your heart out. Credit: Reddit
Paranormal Activity eat your heart out. Credit: Reddit

Dad rolling over, or irrefutable proof that spirits walk amongst us whilst we sleep?

Either way, sleep well tonight.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit

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