Workman Finds Creepy Secret Room Inside The Attic Of A Garage

Some people are freaked out by attics because they're small, cramped spaces that could be housing some creepy crawlies or something weird. But there are also people out there who love converting unused roof space into a personal haven where you can go and chill out.

But a workman in the US stumbled upon an attic within an attic while doing some renovations. Attic-ception if you will.

Credit: Viral Hog

The bloke was tasked with swapping an air conditioning system in a property in Florida. But as he was working within the attic space, he noticed some of the ducts leading to strange places.

He says: "When the system was inspected, it came back with a red tag, saying that there was leakage in the ductwork. Upon further inspection, I found a piece of wall that didn't look the same as the rest. I pushed on the wall revealing a secret room. Leading to the secret room was a carpeted walkway. When the secret rooms door was closed it didn't even look like it was there.

"Upon entering the room, I noticed stained wood walls carpeted floors electrical cable and a light switch. There was even a door that had a makeshift bathroom that popped out which led to a pipe that drains through the soffit."

He found some used pizza boxes and licence plates also inside.

The worker adds: "There was a very grim of feeling about the place."

Secret Room
Secret Room

Credit: Viral Hog

After posting the video on social media, a person who used to live there said it belonged to Dorice 'Dee Dee' Moore, who was convicted of murdering Abraham Lee Shakespeare after he won the $30 million (£22.9 million) lottery jackpot.

The workman says: "Someone sent me more screenshots of the plates that were hung in the secret room confirming they belonged to Dee Dee Moore. I'm not sure what the secret room was used for, but if I had to guess I would guess it was from hiding out from the police."

One person on YouTube commented, saying: "What would make that worse if the lock as on the outside and not on the inside and a lot worse if the door shut while you were in there and it locked."

It's not every day that you stumble upon the rumoured hide out room that a convicted murderer once used. That minor detail would probably get removed if the house goes back on the market.

Featured Image Credit: Viral Hog

Stewart Perrie

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