​An Eagle-Eyed Viewer Has Possibly Saved Piers Morgan’s Life

It's fair to say that Piers Morgan experiences mixed popularity in Britain and around the world.

This is largely due to his outspoken views that he totally doesn't have just because someone is willing to pay him to have them.

Anyway, whatever your opinion of Piers, no one would wish anything bad to happen to him, and luckily he has a guardian angel watching over him - or watching his latest show at the very least.

Gillian Nuttall is the founder of the charity Melanoma UK, which helps those suffering through one of the most aggressive skin cancers, and she spotted a blemish on Piers' skin on the TV when he was interviewing notable serial killer Mark Riebe.

Credit: ITV

She immediately emailed him and after visiting a dermatologist he had the mark removed before it could become dangerous.

Eagle-eyed Gillian said on social media: "He was interviewing a serial killer and I watched it - he had an open neck shirt on and it caught my eye.

"I stopped the TV and looked closely - it really bothered me so as I'd got his email, just thought 'quick shove in the right direction won't harm'.

"I was right. I haven't got a Piers Morgan fetish, honestly!"

Piers Morgan
Piers Morgan

Credit: PA

Lucky her. A Piers Morgan fetish would be about as sexy as your grandma's Boxing Day turkey curry.

Seriously, though, Piers was - understandably - very happy not to be developing skin cancer, and he thanked Gillian graciously, saying: "Much further delay, he informed me, and it might well have turned cancerous. Give that lady a gold star.

"Thanks, Gillian. Oh the irony of a serial killer inadvertently helping to save my life. Merry Christmas!"

Heart-warming stuff, eh?

Well, Piers' show Serial Killers is anything but heart-warming. He profiles and interviews horrific murderers for whatever reason.

However, no matter how you feel about Piers, very few people would wish ill upon him. Anyway, let's face it, the real star of this story is the superhero woman who can spot and avert potentially cancerous blemishes through her TV, which is a bizarre - but useful - skill to have.

Words: Tom Wood

Featured Image Credit: PA

Stewart Perrie

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