Chris Lilley's Keith Dick Met The Jonas Brothers To Give Them Some Fashion Advice

Chris Lilley's much talked about new series Lunatics gave us plenty of characters to fall in love with.

Some were weird, others loveable and even some were repulsive, but at the end of the day, they were all bloody brilliant.

One of those people was Keith Dick, 'a department store veteran who inherits a ladies fashion store while struggling with his objective sexuality and deep love for a cash register'.

He was shown as a fashion visionary in the show who had his own unique sense of style that was just too grand for his My Dick store. But it seems like he's finally found a group that fit his clothes: The Jonas Brothers.

The strange collaboration was spotted on the streets of New York City, where Joe, Nick and Kevin were walking alongside Keith and a rack of his finest and most daring clothes.

Who knows how or why the hell this happened, but it seems like one of the garments piqued Nick's interest enough for him to reach out for a closer look.

It's hard to tell whether this was an ambush job by Chris Lilley to promote Lunatics or a joint venture with the revived boy band.

Credit: Chris Lilley/Instagram
Credit: Chris Lilley/Instagram

To be fair, the Jonas Brothers are pretty famous and walking along the NYC streetscape would probably result in thousands of screaming fans so we're going to go with the latter option here.

Looks like it could be a 'stay tuned' moment where we could be getting some more Lunatics action.

People were divided over Lilley's latest show, with some people praising him for reviving his comedic genius whereas others felt it fell flat.

Credit: Chris Lilley/Instagram
Credit: Chris Lilley/Instagram

Either way, Chris has told people he doesn't care what people think.

The Australian comic told The Weekend Australian: "Reading all those opinions would affect me, and it would affect what I was trying to create next.

"Earlier in my career I didn't have to think about it [social media]. Now I choose not to. It's easy - you just don't look."

In addition to the Keith Dick character, we were also greeted with a pet psychologist to the stars, a real estate entrepreneur with a big bum, a budding museum owner, an arts and crafts influencer named Becky who also happens to be 7ft tall, and the future Earl of Gayhurst.

Who knows when we'll see some more of Chris Lilley goodness; please let it be soon.

Featured Image Credit: Chris Lilley/Instagram

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