David Attenborough Is Making A Foray Into EDM Music At The Tender Age Of 93

David Attenborough is an international treasure that deserves to be protected at all costs.

He's delighted audiences around the world for several decades, showing us the whacky, weird and wonderful parts of our planet that we'd otherwise never know about.

The documentary filmmaker and naturalist has also urged the globe to be more mindful of their footprint to ensure these amazing things are kept alive for generations in the future.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

However, at the tender age of 93, you'd think he'd be slowing down and enjoying retirement soon. But no, Sir David is going into uncharted territory with his next project.

No, it's not space, it's not the deadliest animal on the planet, it's not some undiscovered plant; it's electronic dance music.

Yes, you read that right - the world's favourite nature documentary maker is going to produce an Ibiza-worthy banger.

He recorded a Balinese tribe's music 70 years ago and he wants to preserve their culture by adding a cheeky beat to it. Sir David hopes the song will allow younger generations to soak up the culture.

Speaking to the BBC, Attenborough said: "The villagers play this concerted music with extraordinary precision and real zest.

"So it is haunting music that you hear every night - or you did in those days, in the villages of Bali."

When Sir David was out in the field, he would often bring a recorder to soak up the sounds that he was experiencing. They were eventually compiled into an album by BBC Radio 4 producer Julian May called Sir David Attenborough: My Field Recordings From Across The Planet.

Sir David told Songlines about how important those sounds were back in the day.

Sir David in 1957. Credit: PA
Sir David in 1957. Credit: PA

"Back in the 1960s, there were still parts of the world where European music had not been heard.

"The traditions that had been developed over centuries were still continued with no knowledge of Western styles of music, which since then have enveloped the world.

"So these sounds which I captured with that clumsy tape recorder 60 years ago have a quality that you wouldn't be able to replicate today."

So he's recruiting a DJ to turn that music into something you might could find at Tomorrowland or Stereosonic. You can throw your hat into the ring thanks to a competition being driven by the PRS Foundation.

You can remix to your heart's content and upload it to Soundcloud by June 10.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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