Elon Musk Is Worth $20.9 Billion But There's One Thing He Can't Get - A Girlfriend

It's hard to rival a guy like Elon Musk, given that he can afford to spend a few billion on chucking a car into space for the sake of it. But it turns out there's one thing money can't buy him: a girlfriend.

The 46-year-old multi-billionaire inventor has been married three times - twice to the same woman, in fact - and has dated actresses like Amber Heard, but he's yet to find himself a relationship to last the distance.

Speaking with Rolling Stone, Musk explained how down being single makes him - to the extent that he feels he simply can't be happy. Must be lonely to be one of the coolest people in the world.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

"If I'm not in love, if I'm not with a long-term companion, I cannot be happy," he told Rolling Stone. "I will never be happy without having someone.

"Going to sleep alone kills me. It's not like I don't know what that feels like: being in a big empty house, and the footsteps echoing through the hallway, no one there - and no one on the pillow next to you. Fuck. How do you make yourself happy in a situation like that?"

Musk gets so upset about being on his lonesome that sometimes it even gets in the way of him doing one of his many jobs.


When the journalist Neil Strauss spoke with Musk last summer about how it felt to launch the Tesla Model 3, Musk was so gutted about breaking up with Heard that he preferred to talk about that instead.

"I just broke up with my girlfriend. I was really in love and it hurt bad," Musk said, adding: "Well, she broke up with me more than I broke up with her, I think. I've been in severe emotional pain.

"It took every ounce of will to be able to do the Model 3 event and not look like the most depressed guy around. I had to psych myself up, drink a couple of Red Bulls, then tell myself: 'I have all these people depending on me. All right, do it!'"

You're probably reading this and having limited sympathy for Musk, given his five houses and space ships and his personal brand of high performance electric cars.

But while you think it'd be easy for Musk to go out on a champagne-fuelled bender and cop off with anyone he wanted to, this notoriously cerebal inventor is after something deeper.

"It's so hard for me to even meet people. I'm looking for a long-term relationship. I'm not looking for a one-night stand," Musk told Strauss.

"I'm looking for a serious companion or soulmate. When I was a child there's one thing I said: 'I never want to be alone'."

Musk with twice ex-wife Talulah Riley. Credit: PA
Musk with twice ex-wife Talulah Riley. Credit: PA

It's easy to see why Musk is so scared of being alone, having spent most of his childhood in South Africa with his face in a book and getting severely bullied.

He also spent eight years married to his first wife, author Justine Wilson, with whom he had six children - including a son who died at weeks old in 2002.

Musk is so keen for love that he tried marrying the same woman twice - St Trinian's actress Talulah Riley, as he married her in 2010, divorced her in 2012, remarried her in 2013, then filed for divorce again in 2014.

Even the second divorce was fudged, as Musk withdrew the papers before the pair finally called it quits in 2016. Guess he just couldn't face getting back into the dating game.

Musk's clearly a sensitive soul - despite having a bit too much on his plate. If this genius can't find love, what hopes are there for all the rest of us?

Featured Image Credit: PA

Chris Ogden

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