David Harbour Poses With Trombone For High School Fan's Senior Photo

For most of us, our high school years are a turbulent time full of acne, angst, stupid haircuts and regrettable fashion choices. With that in mind, we feel pretty confident in saying that there probably aren't many people out there who can proudly hold one of their school photos aloft and say: "Yep, this is absolutely cool as fuck".

However, Stranger Things fan Damaris Fregoso's senior year snap is a spectacular exception to this rule, due to the fact that it features David Harbour, wearing her high-school hoody and holding a trombone.

Credit: David Harbour/Instagram

The hilarious photograph was the result of an exchange that occurred between Damaris and the Stranger Things star back in October, when the student asked Harbour how many retweets she would need to get in order for him to be in her senior photos.

Amazingly, Harbour, who plays police chief Jim Hopper in the Netflix show, replied to the tweet, saying: "25k. And I get to wear the school sweatshirt and hold a trombone."

Just when you thought you couldn't like the guy any more.

Thankfully, the internet - as it so often does in times of great importance like this - pulled together and sent Damaris' post viral. It was no time at all before she had the 25k retweets she needed to bring her vision to life.

Credit: David Harbour/Instagram

After seeing the results of the student's social media campaign, Harbour tweeted: "Holy hell, internet. How can you be in favour of this? Friends don't lie. @posttdamaris DM me..."

And DM him she did. Before long the pair were sitting in front of the camera, Damaris with her dreams having been realised, and David with his trombone - a touching scene, if ever there was one.

Damaris and her family, who hail from Northern California, met up with Harbour at the Netflix headquarters in Los Angeles.

Credit: Postydamaris/Instagram

Here they posed for a series of shots and got to know each other a little.

She wrote on Instagram: "Well this is certainly something I didn't think would actually happen!

"David is such a sweet dude! Even my 5 month old nephew got in on the action, haha! Can't wait to share the photos soon!!!"

Credit: Postydamaris/Instagram

Everybody loves Hopper, but some fans of Stranger Things are worried the father figure of the show could be killed off in series 3.

Addressing the concerns in an interview with Mashable, Harbour said: "I will be the first to tell you, Hopper is not safe, Hopper is very, very killable, and he doesn't always make the best decisions, like going into tunnels without backup, things like that.

"The fundamental aspect of Hopper's personality is that he's not about self-preservation, he's about justice. He's not even about personal happiness, he's about justice. So he's willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good and so that is something that... he is definitely killable.

"I don't want him to get killed, but that's all up to the Duffer brothers, you know?"

Well, we'll have to wait until next year to find out.

Featured Image Credit: David Harbour/Instagram

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