Gordon Ramsay Opens Up About Brother's Battle With Addiction

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay turned his attention from fine cuisine to hard drugs last night, when his new documentary ...On Cocaine aired on ITV.

With the show taking the use of cocaine in the restaurant industry as its starting point, it also saw Ramsay opening up about his own brother's battle with addiction, and revealing just how bad it became at certain points. Watch the scene below:

Credit: ITV

Brother Ronnie's struggles with substance abuse have become so severe in the past that he ended up jailed in Indonesia in 2007 for possession of heroin.

Gordon's new ITV documentary focused on cocaine - a drug that his brother started out on, before becoming addicted to heroin.

"I was anti-drugs from an early age, having watched my brother fuck his life up," he told the cameras.

The chef-turned-documentarian revealed that things got so bad at one point that he had to take his brother to get a fix, as it was the only way of getting him to their father's funeral.

Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay

Credit: PA

"I went to a dealer's house once and I had to take my little brother to a shithole of a flat to get a fix to get him to our father's funeral," he said. Gordon James Senior died 20 years ago, in 1997.

Ramsay revealed recently that the new documentary wasn't the first time he'd been asked to get up close and personal with cocaine. In an interview with the Radio Times he revealed that he'd once been asked to put the drug in a dessert.

"I got auctioned off for a big charity dinner three years ago. Someone paid [for me] to go round to their house for a good cause... You cook for 12-14 people and literally have to stand there, do all the meet and greets and photographs," he told the magazine.

"When dessert arrived the couple came to me and said, 'Look, everyone on the table is happy you're here, but can you make a soufflé like never before and combine icing sugar with coke and dust it?'

Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay

Credit: PA

"I laughed it off but there was no way I was going to go anywhere near that. I dusted the sugar on top of the soufflé and caramelised it purposely so they had no idea whether it was on or off. I set the soufflé down. Didn't even say goodbye. I just left out the back door."

Ramsay also admitted to having cut ties with brother Ronnie.

"Everyone's panicking discreetly because no one's heard from him for six months. Last time we heard he was in Portugal, busking," he said.

"He turned up outside the [three Michelin-starred] restaurant at Royal Hospital Road begging customers for money and we had to get the police to move him on. It was that bad."

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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