Here's What Steven Anthony Lawrence Has Been Up To Since 'Even Stevens'

For us nineties and even early noughties babies, there are certain faces from our past that will be seared into our collective memory until the day we die, whether we like it or not.

Neil Buchannan, Barry Chuckle, Paul Chuckle, Mr Blobby, Dec McPartilin when he had curtains and was in Byker Grove and, of course, this guy.

Credit: Disney Channel
Credit: Disney Channel

For those of you born after 2003, that face - and what a face it is - belongs to Steven Anthony Lawrence. Perhaps better known as Bernard 'Beans' Aranguren from Even Stevens - the show that first shoved Shia LaBeouf into that spotlight he now so famously hates.

Beans was the Stevens family's insufferable, bacon-loving neighbour, who always delighted in inviting himself over and then refusing to leave. He featured in three seasons of the hit kids show between 2000-2003 and even appeared in the Even Stevens Movie.

After his stint on Even Stevens, Lawrence's acting career seemed to be getting off to a flying start. Shortly after the show, he landed parts in big-budget productions including Cheaper By The Dozen, Dr Seuss' The Cat In The Hat and even well-known series' like ER and Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Credit: Disney Channel
Credit: Disney Channel

And even with all of that on the go, he's still been finding time to do a spot of teaching, too.

"I did Kicking and Screaming and Rebound and been doing a bunch of commercials lately," he told Huffington Post.

"What I'm doing now is actually teaching mainly. I get a really big kick out of it. I've done a bunch of seminars at USC, I've done one at Berkeley, one at Pepperdine and a couple here at the high schools here in town in LA."

Credit: Stephen Anthony Lawrence/Instagram
Credit: Stephen Anthony Lawrence/Instagram

But despite having been in over 20 different movies since his Even Stevens days, Lawrence says he still can't shake off the 'Beans' tag.

"It's really weird. I feel like I've changed so much when I look in the mirror. I don't know how people even barely recognize me. But I'll be walking down the street and people drive by for two seconds and automatically they'll go, "Oh, my God! You're Beans! Ahhh!" God, even I would have to at least do a double-take."

Mate, no offence, but have you seen yourself? You look exactly the same as you did 18 years ago.

Lawrence even hinted at the possibility for a show reunion, but it still seems pretty unlikely.

"I don't think anything is out of the realm of possibility," he said.

"I know Disney is doing the new Girl Meets World now. So you never know. Maybe Beans grows up and he has a kid who was like him when he was Beans, or something. You never know."

Featured Image Credit: Disney Channel

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