Did You Catch The ‘Breaking Bad’ Reunion In Newest Season Of ‘Black Mirror’?

In a massive understatement, fans of Black Mirror are thrilled that the latest season of Charlie Brooker's fucked view of our world is back. Some people have probably already finished watching all the episodes and are now rocking back and forth wondering when season five will be ready.

But while there was a lot of attention paid to the big-name directors who were brought on board (Jodie Foster, David Slade and John Hillcoat), there were also a bunch of awesome actors who got to be in front of the camera.

The first chapter, dubbed USS Callister, looked at how a game developer created a private server for himself, where he would digitally upload his work colleagues and re-enact his favourite TV series which looked a lot like Star Trek.

Credit: Netflix

The creepy part is that he had to get DNA from these people and when they were loaded onto the game, they were living, breathing humans (minus reproductive organs) and had to play along with the protagonist's game.

That leading man is none other than Jesse Plemons, who many will remember as the bumbling, cold-hearted dickhead Todd Alquist from Breaking Bad.

But that wasn't the only actor from the hit AMC show that was included in that episode - however, you wouldn't be alone if you missed it.

Right at the end, a voice from another spaceship is heard yelling at the characters: "Yeah, Merry Christmas. Are we going to blow each other are we going to trade? Hello?! Do you have anything to trade at all?"

If you knew Aaron Paul's voice aka Jesse Pinkman, then you definitely would have heard the quick cameo. Some people on social media were both surprised and delighted that Aaron and Jesse were in another TV show together.

One person wrote: "I knew it was Aaron Paul at the end of the USS Callister episode!! And Todd from Breaking Bad being the lead in that episode makes it 100x better."

Another even made a cheeky fan theory that Breaking Bad and Black Mirror is in the same universe. The only problem with that is that Todd is strangled to death by Jesse in the final episode of Breaking Bad.

Jess Pinkman would probably be happy knowing that the guy who fucked him over died in a pretty twisted way on Black Mirror.

USS Callister has been voted by some as the best episode of the new season, with critics praising it for its balance of light-hearted humour with typical Black Mirror fuckery. To be fair, they're all bloody brilliant and definitely worth a watch a few times.

Sources: Variety

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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