Maisie Williams Reveals Fans Are Desperate To Get On Her Kill List

For all the characters in Game of Thrones, it's hard to argue against the idea that Ayra Stark is the most badass. Sure, you've got Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen riding dragons and Cersei being twistedly remarkable, but they're all grown adults.

Credit: BBC/The Graham Norton Show

Ayra, played by British actor Maisie Williams, is barely into her teens in the show and yet she's survived a shitload of trauma and managed to exact some pretty bloody revenge along the way. But, as most fans will know, the thing that keeps her going is her ever shrinking kill list.

Well, it appears that people in the real world are pretty desperate to get on that list.

Ever since she saw her dad's head get lopped off by King Joffery, Ayra has been gathering a list of names she wants to put six feet under. In the earlier seasons, she would recite the list over and over so that they were burned into her brain and gave her time to imagine each gruesome, fucked up way they would die.

Sitting alongside Tom Hanks and Anthony Joshua, Maisie Williams revealed on The Graham Norton Show: "A lot of people come up to me in the street and they want me to recite the names but then add their name."

To be fair, when the 20-year-old Bristol native does say the names on the talk show, it does sound pretty good. She even adds Tom, Anthony and Graham onto the list for the full effect.

Credit: HBO
Credit: HBO

Ms Williams added the news that we've all sadly come to expect: "[Game of Thrones] will air next year, we're still making it. It is so much fun now there is only a small group of us left and it's exciting to know everything that is going on."

Unfortunately, we have to wait whole year for the finale of the hit HBO show, but thankfully though it looks like we'll be getting more bang for our buck - with each episode being reportedly between 70 and 90 minutes long.

Some chapters of season seven were long, but never an hour and a half.

Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow, told the Sun: "There is so much work still to do. We haven't put together a full episode yet as there is more filming. The length will be a network decision. But we are busy."

Well, until that release date arrives, we can only hope to run into Maisie Williams on the street and ask for our names on her famous list.

Featured Image Credit: BBC/Graham Norton Show

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