Woman On 'First Dates' Finds Roman Kemp's Dad Martin Kemp Fitter Than Him

First dates are an awfully awkward experience at the best of times. There's the choosing what outfit/get-up/gold chain to wear, there's choosing a venue that doesn't reveal how much of a tight-fisted gimmer you really are while also not breaking the bank completely, and then there's the fact that meeting other people is generally a terrible experience anyway.

But then there's the date itself. Regardless of whether your confidence levels are Cautious George low or Kanye West high, you're still meeting a relative stranger, who knows very little about your personality, your hopes and dreams, or your morning Zumba routine. Unless you're a celebrity that is, in which case most of that goes out of the window for the sake of public entertainment.

Roman Kemp is the son of Martin Kemp (the guy from Eastenders, Spandau Ballet and that film about the Krays), and a popular Capital FM presenter who buddies up with the likes of Justin Bieber. Good for him. Watching FD, he also seems like a likeable enough chap, although he has a nightmare with his dad. Check it out.

Credit: First Dates / Channel Four

The lady on the date seems nice, telling Roman about her autistic younger brother and her tight-knit family back in Slough. If you've never been ice-skating in Slough, I strongly recommend it. It's a great place for first dates. Not necessarily successful ones, but dates nonetheless.

Unfortunately for Roman, it quickly becomes clear his date is more interested in his famous dad than she his him. When he reveals Marto was in Spandau Ballet she seems pretty impressed, even more so when he whacks out Eastenders.

Martin Kemp
Martin Kemp

Mother May I? Credit: PA

But the piece de resistance comes when the waitress tells her how "fit" Roman's dad is. His date asks to see a photo, and agrees, her eyes wide with wonder and admiration for Martin's silver fox hair and steely looks.

"He looks like Paul Hollywood," she says.

It's undeniable. He does. And Hollywood's a looker. Good bread, too.

After that, the camera rolls backstage to Roman, as he laments the love life as a wannabe Casanova son of a 1980s heartthrob.

"Do you know how many girlfriends I've had who have said, 'Your Dad's fit'. Do you know how much that sucks?"

Okay, mate, it might be a bit annoying, but the fact that you can say 'girlfriends' (plural) and 'I've had' in a sentence stands you in fairly good stead. You'll be fine. Especially if you take your next date to the ice rink in Slough and buy her a (large) Slush Puppy.

Words: Ronan O'Shea

Featured Image Credit: First Dates / Channel 4

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