Gordon Ramsay Tells Piers Morgan He Can 'Go F**k Himself' Over Vegan Roast Dinner Criticism

Gordon Ramsay was understandably roasted online when he debuted his restaurant's new vegan roast dinner.

The meat and dair-free option was criticised by people left, right and centre for not only looking a bit gross but also for introducing it in the first place, considering Ramsay has been staunchly against veganism for a while.

One of those critics was Piers Morgan, who wrote on Twitter: "Oh FFS, Ramsay... not you as well? This looks utterly revolting."

Well, the Scottish chef has been asked for a retort by James Corden on his American TV show.

When asked what he thought of Morgan's disdain for his vegan roast he quipped back with: "So Piers Morgan is now a food critic. Go and fuck yourself. Seriously, really? Seriously?"

Ramsay was also questioned about why, after years of campaigning against vegetarianism and veganism, he was suddenly promoting meat and dairy-free dishes.

"Here's the thing, we have three girls. Moving trends. I mean, veganism is on the rise, so ought to adapt," he said. "Yeah, so just have to eat a slice of humble pie."

The vegan option is available at his London restaurant, Bread Street Kitchen. He announced the big move on social media, posting a video of gravy being poured onto the roast, which features some sort of vegetable-based wellington.

Piers Morgan wasn't the only the throw some harsh words Ramsay's way. One person tweeted: "Never seen a roast look less appetising."

Someone else commented: "It looks like a ready meal, what's wrong with you man?!?"

Another wrote: "Looks basic, tasteless and a bit grim tbh. Bit school dinners without the main event!"

Thankfully for Gord, not everyone was a hater, as there were many other fans who reckoned the roast looked quite tasty.

"Yummm. Have never seen a vegan roast look like that!" one person said.

Ramsay's been openly quite critical of vegetarianism and veganism in the past, rinsing pop star Cheryl for following a strict vegetarian diet and saying in an interview with the Daily Mirror that his kids going vegetarian would be his 'biggest nightmare'.

"I would sit them on the fence and electrocute them," he said.

He also responded to a tweet asking if he added any allergies by simply writing 'Vegans', and last year he also tweeted to say: "I'm a member of PETA! People eating tasty animals."

Ramsay is used to doling out tough criticisms but Morgan's has clearly hit a nerve.

Featured Image Credit: CBS

Stewart Perrie

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