Josh Peck Told Drake Bell He's Going To Be A Dad In Emotional Video

Josh Peck and wife Paige O'Brien are expecting a baby, and the footage of him telling Drake Bell the big news will give you all the feels:

Peck decided to video the reactions of his nearest and dearest as he dropped the good news about he and his wife expecting.

And while some responses were great (yep, there were even some waterworks), there was arguably none more poignant than that from his former Drake and Josh pal, Drake Bell.

In the clip, Peck is sat on the sofa waiting for Bell, who sits down and looks confused.

"What's going on, man?" Bell asks.

Peck, not missing a beat, says smugly: "Just having a baby."

Bell replies: "Dude, this is so wild."

Credit: YouTube/Josh Peck
Credit: YouTube/Josh Peck

The two then reflect on the fact that they really are 'that old', having reached the ripe old age where babies are happening - and that Peck will be the father, having to guide it, give it advice and make it 'understand how famous I am'.

I know, way to make US feel old too, guys. Ugh.

They then decide that Drake would obviously become 'Uncle Drake' to the unborn kid, and that he'd also teach it how to play the guitar.

"Ah, this is so dope," Bell says, looking wistfully into the distance.

Peck then asks: "Will you have a kid soon so they can be friends and then have their own TV show?"

Erm, YES.

Drake responds: "Oh my god, dude. That's brilliant."


Drake also posted another clip to his own Instagram, asking Bell if he'll name the kid after him if it's a boy. Peck jokingly agrees, before getting him to commit to babysitting duties - which became the perfect, seamless segway into some top Drake and Josh nostalgia.

"I don't know, man. The last time I babysat it ended up on a roof," Bell says, looking concerned.

"That's a good point," Peck replies.

Any true Drake and Josh fan will know that they are, of course, referencing the classic episode where the brothers shoot a baby out of a catapult and onto a roof.

Fingers crossed the two are older and wiser now, eh? If not, Peck can always try roping in some of his other famous pals for some childcare - judging from some of their heartfelt reactions in the baby news vid, they'd be nothing but absolutely honoured to do so.

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Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Josh Peck/Nickelodeon

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