Mac From 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Is Ripped AF These Days

Well, it would seem that Rob McElheney has been cutting down on those big macs because 'Fat Mac' is no more.

Gone are the days of five 1,000 calorie meals for the It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia star, who started 'cultivating mass' in series seven of the show.

He famously gained a whopping 50lbs just because Mac would be funnier if he was overweight. Yeah, just casually going to eat myself into oblivion for shits and giggles, like everyone does now and again - oh wait.

The whole being fatter means funnier thing seemed to work because the 41-year-old actor told The Wrap back in 2011: "I feel like for the first time in my life I've been watching the show like, 'All right, I'm almost as funny as everybody else'." Go on LAD.

And the gang even cashed in on it because they made an episode around the weight gain in 'How Mac Got Fat' where Dennis' 'size pills' couldn't help him.

Well the jokes are now over. Well and truly over for sure and Dennis' pills are doing the trick.

Credit: FX
Credit: FX

Because, after seven years, he's finally harvested all that 'mass', as he liked to put it.

McElheney debuted his new body at LA's Pride Parade, flashing those guns and shredded abs alongside his co-star Danny Devito, who was sporting an LGBT-themed feather boa.

Credit: Twitter
Credit: Twitter

Fans on social media say McElhenney has gone from overweight Mac to 'Jacked Mac', with one user tweeting: "Rob is literally the hottest man on the planet he got so Jacked Mac is really gonna be thriving next season."

Another added: "Holy crap can we take a moment to talk about how jacked Rob McElhenney has gotten?"

But how did he lose the weight I hear you asking? "Losing it is easy," Rob has said. "You just stop eating so fucking much. I'm also working out three times a week. If you stop consuming so many calories, you will lose weight."

Doesn't he make it sound so simple? Oh just stop eating as much, work out three times a week - that would mean we would have to sweat - and get a gym membership.

And as Mac once said 'that sounds downright dangerous'.

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

Former Philadelphia Phillies baseball star Chase Utley wrote: "Lookin' good Mac. You've come a long way," on a recent Instagram post of the two showcasing Rob's new physique.

What a transformation. Hurry up will you, season 13? We've got it - 'How Mac Got Fit'?

Featured Image Credit: FX Networks/It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

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