Wanted to catch Ed Sheeran at Wembley Stadium next year but didn't fancy selling your kidney and pawning your telly to afford the crazy resale price tickets? Well, now you might actually get a chance after all, because our mate, Ed, isn't having any of these ticket touts' shit and has declared war on extortionate prices.

Only minutes after being released, tickets for next year's shows were posted up on resale websites for hugely inflated prices. Most listings were asking for as much as eight times the original price of £49 - £88, but one dickhead even had the audacity to ask for a staggering £174,000 for a pair of tickets.

But Ed has hit back at the hustlers by cancelling 10,000 tickets that were posted up at rip-off prices. The over-priced tickets are no longer valid and will instead go back up on official sale.

Ed Sheeran

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It looks like Ed is going to be doing whatever he can to keep a lid on the touts over the duration of the next year and a spokesperson said that ticket reselling would continue to be monitored and tickets cancelled where appropriate.

The spokesperson said: "Most ­profiteering companies heeded promoters' warnings not to trade and resell tickets that would instantly be cancelled. This resulted in 90 percent of tickets being delivered into fans' hands at the face value.

"The process of analysing sales and cancelling tickets purchased for purposes for resale will continue until the tour takes place."

Some touts have been said to be snatching up dozens of tickets at a time in an attempt to line their pockets.

Ed Sheeran

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This practise of reselling tickets has long been a problem for Ed's management and is difficult to control. Earlier in the year, his team spoke out on the issue and their opposition to it.

A representative for Ed Sheeran told the Press Association: "We are vehemently opposed to the unethical practices that occur in the secondary market.

"We have written to each of our partners, be they promoters, venues or ticketing companies detailing the way in which we expect tickets to be sold: direct to fans.

"We have also partnered with a company called Twickets, which is a site aimed at the ethical resale of tickets.

"It allows fans to swap tickets at face value or less; we are pushing them as the official resale partner and a safe place for fans to swap tickets.

"We are aware and deeply concerned about the websites in question and have urged all fans not to engage with them in order to avoid being ripped off with higher prices or, potentially, counterfeit tickets.

"Once again, we urge all fans to only purchase tickets through official vendors."

Words: Paddy Maddison

Featured Image Credit: PA Images

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