It all started when Soulja Boy liked a photo on Chris Brown's ex-girlfriend's Instagram page.


Image Credit: Karrueche

It has since escalated into a seriously big feud between the two and they decided the only way to solve it was to have a big fight - in public. With people paying them to watch.

Sure, this doesn't sound like a money-making scheme at all. Can someone say 'set up'?

To be fair, Chris Brown might just like punching people - remember when he beat up Rihanna for being more successful than him?

Floyd Mayweather got in Soulja Boy's corner - basically the former boxer turned fight promoter could smell money. The man knows what he's doing; he's worth a reputed $600 million (£496m). He's also training Soulja Boy.

Then 50 Cent wanted a piece of the action. He is betting on Brown to win so he roped in Mike Tyson (!) to train him.

This is either going to be the most epic fight of all time, or it's going to last 10 seconds before someone gets KO'd.

All we need now are the logistics - when and where. According to TMZ, the plan to host the fight in Las Vegas has been nixed because both Brown and Soulja Boy wouldn't pass the mandatory drugs test.

This just got more interesting. I want to know what kind of drugs they're on!

So the plan now is to have it in Dubai - but don't worry if you can't jump on a plane to the UAE to see this farcical scrap by two men arguing over an Instagram like - it's pay-per-view.

Soulja has said that this punch-up might be taking place in March, but so far no one has confirmed.

Everyone involved has bigged this up so much now it better happen! Please don't make up, Soulja and Chris, it's far too entertaining to watch you shoot your mouth off.

Words by Laura Hamilton

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