Paris Hilton Asks Twitter 'Tell Me Something I Don't Know' And Receives Thousands Of Replies

Let's put this into perspective, Paris Hilton was once quoted saying: "What's Walmart, do they sell wall stuff?" Yes, 'wall stuff'.

So, quite unsurprisingly, when she asked her 18 million Twitter followers to tell her something she didn't know, it was anyone's guess how simple - or not - those pieces of information really needed to be.

But we have to give it to her for wanting to build on her wisdom. And build on it we're sure she would have done - with all things wild and wonderful because some of the responses she got were absolute gold.

Since the 37-year-old heiress' tweet on Thursday (June 28), more than 12,000 comments have poured in with hilarious facts.

The best one for us was 'hippos sweat pink', which the MailOnline have reported is only slightly true because the pinkish liquid they secrete is a skin moisturizer not sweat. Boom.

One educated follower wrote: "The word chef literally means 'head', the full proper title is 'Chef de cuisine' which means 'head of the kitchen'".

Meaning that the term 'head chef' really just means 'head head'? Ooooh.

Another 'fact' that blew our little brains was that every odd number in existence contains the letter 'e'. Am I going to sleep tonight.

And the responses didn't stop there. Some followers chose to go in depth about information relating to geometry and English nouns. We're going to be reading this shit allllll night long.

One fan responded: "Muff is a small village on the banks of the Foyle estuary in Donegal Ireland and yes it has a diving club". Nooooo.

Credit: Twitter
Credit: Twitter

And people started even working together - this is building a community.

One guy said: "The word 'facetious' contains all the vowels, in alphabetical order." And another added: "'Subcontinental' contains them all in reverse order." Yes LADs.

Someone else commented: "Yak's milk is pink. Also, despite living in the Himalayas, they're terrible on an incline."


And even Zach Braff couldn't resist joining in on all the fuss:

Apparently there's a town in Canada called 'Dildo' and no piece of square paper can be folded more than seven times in half... where's all the paper at?!

As the comments continued to flood in informing The Simple Life star about random trivia, some used the opportunity to talk about more serious issues.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

With one explaining: "Did you know...America's about to lose a CRITICAL Supreme Court seat & as a result women may lose the right to have an abortion".

And another added: "Gay men & LGBTQ may lose the rights they slowly gained. Future Supreme Court decisions may be decided by Conservatives for decades to come."

And one thing is for sure, if Paris isn't scrolling for hours on end through this thread, we sure as hell will be.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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