Piers Morgan Unveils His New Year's Resolutions And People Are Divided

Farewell then, 2018 - the year is coming to an end and that means it's time to weigh up all your bad habits and decide which ones to bin off (before swiftly readopting when you realise it's not worth the hassle) as you compile your New Year's resolutions.

And we're not the only ones making plans - outspoken man of the people/unfiltered gobshite (delete as appropriate) Piers Morgan has already gone ahead and announced his aims for 2019.

Guess what? They're the most 'Piers Morgan' resolutions ever.

Posting his plans to Twitter, the Good Morning Britain host promised to continue being his 'annoying' and 'insufferably right' self throughout 2019 and offered no apologies to anyone he may offend in doing so.

Like him or loathe him, at least he's consistent in his belief in his own correctness.

Of course, a stream of responses flowed in, with some people cheerfully offering their support to Piers' declaration of war on 'whiny PC-crazed snowflake imbeciles', and others a little more pissed off by his continued existence.

"Don't change for anyone. Hope you have a fab New Year and can't wait to see you and all the team back on my morning TV," one person tweeted.

Another said: "Wouldn't want it any other way and some people don't even need an excuse to moan."

Piers Morgan. Credit: PA
Piers Morgan. Credit: PA

While a third person commented: "Yes, please keep being one of the few necessary voices of reason in a society that is constantly finding new ways to be offended yet seems too frightened to leave their safe zones to speak publicly about it."

His detractors were equally passionate in their responses.

One person bit back at his 'snowflake' comment saying: "People aren't offended because they're 'snowflakes' (not a real thing), they're offended because you say offensive things to provoke a reaction without any regard for who you might offend."

Another person responded: "Not snowflakes. Not imbeciles. Not offended. We just think you're a complete and utter prick." Oof.

Other people were a bit more concerned that Piers was simply resolving to stay the same, rather than making any actual changes.

"I thought a new year resolution is to change a behaviour or set a goal that gets you out of a comfort zone and not to remain as you are?" someone asked him. Do they have a point here?

Of course, the 53-year-old presented wasn't going to stop there. He added one more resolution in a second tweet, writing: "Oh, and my other New Year's Resolution is to eat more cheese."

Now, I think that's a resolution most of us can get behind. Except those of us doing Veganuary, of course. Wonder what Piers makes of that...

Featured Image Credit: PA

Rachael Grealish

Rachael is a NCTJ qualified journalist from West Cumbria, with a passion for news, features and journalism. Outside of work Rachael loves plenty of coffee, running and reading.

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