People Think Gordon Ramsay Posted A Picture Of Raw Food

When you're cooking food for your mates, it doesn't matter if you stuff it up (as long as they don't get food poisoning). You can all have a bit of a laugh and chuck it in the folder of 'What Not To Do On The BBQ'.

But when you're an internationally renowned chef, the food you cook usually get noticed by millions.

That's the stress that Gordon Ramsay deals with on a near daily basis.

He's spent a good chunk of his career yelling at people in kitchens, telling them they're idiot sandwiches for not knowing how to cook an egg. It's rare that the attention is turned on him and his cooking skills.

But a few people have taken issue with one of his latest posts on social media showing off a pretty delicious looking chateaubriand.

The succulent meat is served on a wooden board with some béarnaise sauce, tomatoes and some green garnish.

While the photo is enough to get some people salivating, it's left a few people wondering when it's going to be cooked 'properly'.

Credit: Twitter
Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter
Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter
Credit: Twitter

The post was littered with comments complaining that the meat was way too raw for their liking.

One person said if a vet comes quick enough they might be able to revive the cow while another told Ramsay to stick it back on the BBQ.

Those in the know will understand that this is the exact way to cook and serve a chateaubriand, which is a tenderloin cut of steak found in between the sirloin and top sirloin parts of the cow.

So, technically he's not wrong in this picture, even though some people find the image unsettling.


He's done much better than his appearance on First We Feast, which essentially is a online show that involves people answering questions while eating hot wings.

But these wings aren't just hot, they're really hot.

Ramsay - who was FWF's 'most requested guest' - said his kids were the ones who bullied him into going on the show, apparently telling him: "You've got a big mouth - you shout and scream all day long, but can you take a hot wing?"

During the interview, Ramsay discusses everything from his chef influences through to how to make the perfect scrambled eggs.

But, in true Ramsay style, he also manages to find time to make some digs about the quality of the wings he's eating.

"So how long were these wings cooked for?" Ramsay asks nervous-looking host Sean Evans. "Because they're a bit fucking overcooked."

"Uh oh, I knew this was gonna happen," Evans replies nervously.

Ramsay also says one wing looks like his granddad's 'big toe', while the taste of another is simply 'not good'.

At first, he manages to tackle the wings without even flinching, but as the heat rises with each round, he gradually starts to break into a sweat - and, eventually, tears.

"I feel like that's burning a new ring in my fucking arse," Ramsay says of one wing, squirming uncomfortably in his chair.

After another, he says, wiping back tears: "I haven't cried this much since AA Gill's funeral."

Bravo, First We Feast, bravo.

Featured Image Credit: FOX

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