Phillip Schofield Super Fan Takes Cardboard Cut-Out Partying In Magaluf

Most of Phillip Schofield's fans are probably the equivalent age to my mum, maybe my grandmother on second thoughts. Retirement level - no offence, Phil (or my mum, who hasn't yet retired). But he is 56-years-old and on daytime television so I'm sure no harm will be caused.

And let's face it, a lot of the younger generation are either working, sleeping or still out from the night before. You might have read that and thought we mean getting lucky. No, just on your mate's sofa with no TV in sight to get This Morning on.

Anyway, this super fan is a little different. Different in that she's 24. But she takes a cardboard cut-out of the ITV presenter everywhere she goes - even partying in Magaluf. Because what else better is there to do with your time in Maga? We bet he's sweltering in that suit. Credit: Mercury Press
We bet he's sweltering in that suit. Credit: Mercury Press

Jasmine Marsh got the cut-out after her pal competed for it at a bingo night in the Spanish party town last week and has been taking 'Phil' everywhere with her - making for a hilarious series of snaps.

Kind of like the group who won a five foot unicorn in Ibiza, called her Unis and sacrificed all of their belongings to stuff her into a suitcase and get her home and safe; but that's a story for another time.

Enough about me, more about Jasmine. She's a body artist from Kent who has lived in Magaluf for five seasons and attended Gringo's Bingo - the holiday resort's equivalent of Bongo's Bingo - 12 weeks on the trot to win the cardboard celeb as she's a huge fan. That's dedication if we've never seen it before.

Credit: Mercury Press
Credit: Mercury Press

Jasmine's friend, Rachel Hollindrake, had to compete in a 'sexy dance' against three other people in order to walk away with their dream prize. No, we don't have a video of this dance off.

But ever since bagging the jackpot, Phil hasn't left their side - and it's not all been plain sailing for the cardboard effigy.

Jasmine, who lives with her 29-year-old boyfriend Olly Goodwin, said: "I've been going to Gringos for like 12 weeks in a row every Monday because I wanted that prize. All I wanted was a cut-out of Phillip Schofield.

"That night one of our friends Rachel got called out for the bingo - you have to compete to win the grand prize. What she had to do was do that like sexy flirty lap-dance thing to this one guy that was on the stage.

"They all had to compete and she ended up winning it, we were absolutely buzzing. But within five minutes of winning it the table behind stole him from us and ripped him in half - it was such a drama that they killed Phil.

Phil lived to see another day. Credit: Mercury Press
Phil lived to see another day. Credit: Mercury Press

"The day after that we were all planning on going to Ocean Beach Club which is just a really nice place to like lounge about in the day. As a surprise, I fixed Phil. I used a lot of sellotape and managed to fix him and brought him down to Ocean Beach.

"On the way there, I was just walking through town with my partner Olly and people were stopping us asking, 'why have you got Phil?'

"When we got there he just became the mascot of the day. It was so funny we drank lots of vodka and had lots of fun with Phil to the very end.

Phil and pals at Ocean. Credit: Mercury Press
Phil and pals at Ocean. Credit: Mercury Press

"We got him amongst everything at the beach club we had a VIP table which was really nice posh VIP bit and Phil was just in there.

"We went into a bar called Mambos and they have like podiums which have 'sexy dancers' on - we put Phil up with one of them. Nothing crude or anything happened with him don't worry - we would never do that to Phil."

We're just glad they're taking care of him.

The time of his life. Credit: Mercury Press
The time of his life. Credit: Mercury Press

Well, sort of taking care of him.

Jasmine continued: "My partner is a manager of a bar here called Coco Bongos so I took him there too. I got Phil wearing the Coco Bongos vest and the hot-pants and I covered him in glitter as well.

"Obviously because I glittered all my friends I covered him in glitter too. At the end of the night the photos are devastating, hilarious but yeah Phil had a little bit too much."

Credit: Mercury Press
Credit: Mercury Press

The Phil cut-out has proved a massive hit everywhere Jasmine has taken it with strangers gathering around to take selfies with the odd prop. But the only person Jasmine wants to grab the attention of is the real Phil.

Jasmine said: "We were literally out for like 12 hours with him. There were constantly tourists coming over asking for photos of all the funny places we put him it. It was loads of fun.

"As long as the real Phil gets to see the photos it, I'll be happy. He just has to witness this.

"I want him to see how much fun he's been having. I'm sure he needed a bit of a break from work. We just love him and want him to appreciate what a good time we've shown him in Magaluf."

Come on now, Phil, make a girl's dream come true.

Featured Image Credit: Mercury Press

Rebecca Shepherd

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