​Savage Ricky Gervais Trolls Flat Earthers With One Brutal Tweet

Ricky Gervais has well and truly put Flat Earthers in their place in one single tweet. The legendary savage reckons the Flat Earth theory is "Hipster Ignorance" and says it seems like attention seeking.

The theory has been around for thousands of years, with early Egyptians and Mesopotamians picturing Earth as a disk floating through space. It did fade, as other societies, cultures and empires adopted the belief that the Earth was round, but that hasn't stopped the Flat Earthers from sparking a revival every few decades.

But it seems like Ricky's had enough of the current revival, and he took to Twitter to go in hard.

In his blunt tweet, Ricky said: "I believe that some people really believe that a god made the universe. And I believe that some people really believe there is an afterlife. But I don't believe that some people really believe the Earth is flat. It seems like attention seeking. Hipster Ignorance."

Famously a staunch atheist, for Ricky to say that the Flat Earth theory is even more ridiculous than religion for him is big.

One of the world's most well-known Flat Earthers, 'Mad' Mike Hughes, made headlines recently when it turned out he'd been building a homemade, steam-powered rocket in his garage. He planned to clamber in and launch in to the sky to prove the entirety of the world's scientific community wrong.

The rest of the world waited for the scheduled day to arrive, but when it eventually rolled around he was forced to delay the mission, after the US Bureau of Land Management (BLM) reportedly stopped him from using public land. Also, the rocket launcher broke down - slight problem.

Credit: YouTube / Stellar Pictures Productions

He's far from the only one, of course. Former cricketer Freddie Flintoff recently revealed that not only did he believe the Earth isn't round, but that it is in fact shaped like a turnip.

"If you're in a helicopter and you hover, why does the Earth not come to you if it's round?" he said to the Sun.

"If we're hurtling through space, why would water stay still? Why is it not wobbling? Also if you fire a laser about 16 miles, if the world was curved, you shouldn't be able to see it but you can."

Then of course there's also the Hollow Earth theory that's been gaining traction. Wonder what Ricky would have to say about that?

Featured Image Credit: PA

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman is a journalist who graduated from Manchester University with a BA in Film Studies, English Language and Literature, and has previously worked for Time Out and The Skinny among others.

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