​'Blue Planet II' Catches Octopus Making Armour From Shells For The First Time Ever

Shell suits may be seen as the ultimate shocker in the fashion world, a retro no-go that's a Missy Elliot mainstay and the signature style of Ali G. But we've finally found one that's seriously, seriously cool. Why? Because it's a shell suit made literally out of shells - and it's being used to defend an octopus from a shark. Take a look.

Credit: BBC / Blue Planet II

The discovery was seen on camera for the first time ever in last night's episode of Blue Planet II, and it looks like something straight out Finding Nemo.

The octopus was under attack from a pyjama shark - yeah, that name seemed cool at first, before its thunder got stolen. The octopus managed to suck its tentacles onto the shark's gills, which forced the shark to release its vice-grip so that it could breathe.

So far, so good - except it was then that the octopus found itself out in the open with no cover, with nothing nearby other than a pissed off shark.

What came next, nobody expected, as the octopus started making an amazing shell suit of armour to actually Octopus Prime his way out of the situation. In disguise as a shell-covered rock, the octopus was able to outwit the confused shark, who swam straight past.

You can almost imagine the octopus looking up through the shells in disbelief like, 'Seriously? That actually worked?'.

Sir David Attenborough said: "Thanks to [cameramen] Craig's and Roger's dedication, the octopus' astonishing behaviours are now known to science."

And such dedication didn't go unnoticed, with many viewers taking to Twitter to give big ups to the show.

In the same episode, an army of sinister-looking spider crabs could be seen walking along the sea bed shedding their shells, and a pretty rad giant cuttlefish that actually changed gender to attract a mate - now that's dedication.

There was also a mantis shrimp that left its partner of 20 years to mate with a new female, who had a bigger home. Absolutely savage.

Featured Image Credit: Blue Planet / BBC

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman is a journalist who graduated from Manchester University with a BA in Film Studies, English Language and Literature, and has previously worked for Time Out and The Skinny among others.

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