Strap Yourselves In As The First Look At ‘Venom’ Has Been Released

Venom star Tom Hardy has released a few behind-the-scenes pictures of him in action as Eddie Brock, but finally a trailer has been released for the movie - and it looks bloody epic.

The teaser trailer doesn't provide too much information but it does give a brilliant visual look at what's to come.

Interestingly, this film will not be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which includes the original Avengers, Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, Black Panther and Ant-Man, and instead will form part of Sony's Marvel Universe. Other titles to be expected from this new generation of superhero films include Silver and Black, Nightwatch and Morbius the Living Vampire.

In fact, Venom won't even have anything to do with the latest reboot of the Spider-Man franchise or universe, despite the character's origins in the web-slinger's own comic series - you may remember the two battling it out in the 2007 Tobey Maguire flick Spider-Man 3.

The superhero and supervillain are often seen as nemeses, but it appears Venom will have his own demons to face.

Credit: Marvel
Credit: Marvel

It's long been rumoured that the movie will see Tom Hardy's character - disgraced tabloid reporter Eddie Brock - facing off against Cletus Kasady, aka Carnage, who is also one of Spider-Man's various adversaries.

Kasady is described as a 'psychopath' and 'homicidal sadist' who wreaked havoc on his family as a boy before he even became a supervillain.

In the comics, Brock and serial killer Kasady first meet in prison. The journalist is able to escape jail when the alien symbiote that transforms him into Venom reappears - however it leaves its offspring in the cell to bond with Kasady, turning him into Carnage.

Venom and Carnage diverge from your typical superhero story where the hero or anti-hero gains their powers by being born with them or mutating after encountering some form of radiation - or even those lucky few who use ridiculously expensive tech in place of superpowers (I'm looking at you, Batman and Iron Man).

Credit: Tom Hardy/Instagram
Credit: Tom Hardy/Instagram

Credit: Tom Hardy/Instagram
Credit: Tom Hardy/Instagram

Nope, they both get their powers from gooey sentient alien lifeforms that require a host to survive, much like a parasite. Once the aliens attach themselves - which is why they're called symbiotes - they can bestow their abilities to the host.

When Kasady escapes prison, he ends up going on a killing spree so violent that Spider-Man and Venom put their differences aside and team up to fight him - so it'll be interesting to see how cinema's newest antihero fares on his own.

The movie's set to be released in the US on 5 October later this year and will also star Michelle Williams (Blue Valentine, Manchester by the Sea).

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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