Woman Says Ex-Girlfriend Is Better Looking Than Current Partner And It's Seriously Awkward

How do you even broach the subject with your ex? 'Oh hey, I'm going on Comedy Central to win some money, fancy coming along to help me? Oh, yeah, the audience will be judging you on YOUR FACE in public! You might be better looking than who I'm dating right now, is this a weird way to tell you or nah?'.

But contestant Bex was pretty chill about it - or rather confident in her looks when she went on Your Face Or Mine. She went on the show and sat between Freya and her girlfriend, Sasha. We'll let you make your minds up with the video...

Credit: Your Face Or Mine / Comedy Central

Even the seating arrangement was awkward.

Turns out she was Freya's ex.

Freya was a little freaked out, naturally. She said she was going to vomit. Her girlfriend, Sasha, looked like she was about to cry.

Which one is better looking? Credit: Your Face Or Mine / Comedy Central

But Bex had totally moved on. She hadn't got a new girlfriend, but she had found herself a man and had a baby! Awww.

"I mean the baby is great news, but are you regretting the man?" quipped co-host Katherine Ryan.

Then when the niceties were over, it was down to the real business of Your Face or Mine? The judging. The glorious superficial judging which we all do but it is often not socially acceptable. Who is better looking, Bex or Sasha?

Poor Sasha, looking a bit vulnerable, says Bex is better looking and she won't be hurt if Freya chooses her ex.

Sasha seemed to be concentrating on the money. Let's hope she got to spend it all.

After a bit of freaking out, Freya chose her ex. She said her ex was better looking!

Meanwhile, Bex is just cheesing it. And turns out, she is a looker.

Credit: Your Face Or Mine / Comedy Central

How cool is Bex? Swans on to prime-time TV, tells her ex she's got a baby and is with a man now, finds out she's better looking than Freya's girlfriend, casually wins them both some money and leaves.

Maybe also taking Sasha's heart with her - look at that hug!

Featured Image Credit: Comedy Central / Your Face Or Mind

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