Cillian Murphy Explains Why He Never Eats In 'Peaky Blinders'

It's a tough job being Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) in the Peaky Blinders universe; he has to run the Birmingham criminal group, look after his family and stay alive; there's no time to run the usual errands that most people have to tend to as a human being.

As fans eagerly await what will happen to Shelby and the rest of the Peaky Blinders after they were last seen being handcuffed by the police, some are wondering whether Tommy will do something he hasn't done for the last three seasons: eat.

Viewers have pointed out that over 18 episodes, he hasn't been seen eating a single bit of food. Mums would always say that you need to eat to keep your body going through the day, but this is set in the 1920s so maybe that gift of wisdom hadn't come about.

Credit: BBC Two/Peaky Blinders

People have vented this pent up desire for Cillian to bite into an apple or devour some bread or just something to prove he's not a robot. One person said: "We have the right to see Tommy Shelby eat something. #LetTommyEat" while another added: "As of two nights ago I'm all up-to-date with PEAKY BLINDERS. Pretty sure I didn't see Tommy Shelbyeat anything in 18 episodes."

The actor behind the legendary character has broken his silence on the matter, telling World Screen: "He's very complex and he's about as far away from me as a person as you can possibly get! He has that physical capability, which I certainly don't possess. It seems like he never sleeps or eats.

"In fact, over the whole four seasons so far, we never see Tom Shelby eat; a morsel never enters his mouth. He is all-consuming and obviously the nature of television-being that you are shooting so many episodes and so many setups per day and you have so many lines to learn-means that it does take over your life, but in a brilliant way. It's what every actor would want."

Just give him something.

Cillian spoilt the speculation for the upcoming season, revealing that no, he will not be eating food over the next six episodes; but he has informed us that season four will 'be the best'. Speaking to On Demand Entertainment, he said: "It's pretty powerful, we've got lots of surprises. It's soon, it's November I think."

He added to Today FM: "In the classic gangster arc, the last season was sort of all about the wealth, the house and all that material stuff. This season is sort of a return to the roots. That's about as much as I can reveal."

There's no word on the exact day that the new season will debut, but at least there's only three weeks until November is here.

Sources: World Screen, On Demand Entertainment, Today FM

Featured Image Credit: BBC Two/Peaky Blinders​

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