Holy shitting titballs.

Apologies for the language but this is the best news I've heard for a long time. It's only gone and been confirmed, though not through official channels, but a leaked video, that this character is finally back.

GENDRY! GENDRY HAS RETURNED TO GoT! He's finally finished his row. He's the bastard that we wanted to see. He's my bastard. The bastard of the people.


And holy mother of Margaery, in the leaked video, he's wielding a Warhammer.

There were only two characters I really want to see return to GoT, and now one of them is definitely coming back! Yeeeeessss! Just Syrio Forel to go now. I really hope Gendry's not just returning for a couple of episodes to do something heroic and then take one for the team by having his guts removed from his body. No, I want him to stay the course. Just saying Gendry makes me happy. GENDRY! GENDRY MOFOS!

Missed me? Credit: HBO

The leak by fans news site Watchers On The Wall, which tends to be scarily accurate, shows him filming with other major characters.

They've captured a scene on a beach, which sees Ser Davos, Tyrion Lannister, what appears to be two Gold Cloak guards from King's Landing (although this isn't a definite), and Gendry by a rowing boat (ironic).

And Gendry's gone full savage. After some kind of confrontation, Gendry Warhammers them to death.

Here is the video. It's seriously awesome. It shows that Gendry the boy is dead, but Gendry the man is very much alive.

Credit: Streetanger

And here's where the speculation starts.

Ser Davos initially chats to the guards, who, after some kind of agreement, begin to walk away. Then they see Tyrion walk past them and, presumably, they recognise him. Of course, if they're on King's Landing soil, Tyrion is very much public enemy one, with his sister getting assassins to try and behead him, Jaime telling Bronn he'd kill him if he saw him again and the people of the area unaware that he was integral to them beating Stannis way back in Season Two in the Battle Of Blackwater.

While the guards turn their backs to Gendry and Tyrion, Gendry takes them both down.

Credit: HBO

We know Ser Davos has a soft spot for Gendry, as he was the one that set him free from certain sacrifice at the end of the third season. That's where we remember the iconic rowing scene from, the last time we saw him.

From this video we also now know that Ser Davos, currently near Winterfell in the series, and Tyrion, last seen in Mereen, will meet and apparently get on with one another.

This also breathes some fire into the idea that Tyrion/Jon/Dany will be the three to claim the throne as Ser Davos was with Jon Snow most recently, but why not add another bastard and misfit into the mixture?

We know Gendry is a good lad, so whatever he does he will believe is for the best. One person we know he won't be trusting is Lady Melisandre so it's your job Ser Davos to keep him away from her, even if she is the hottest granny that ever lived!

Credit: HBO

The fact Gendry is swinging a Warhammer is also relevant. The weapon, which is a spiked tool and can crush an enemy with one swing, is a symbol of Robert Baratheon's heyday. You see his father, King Robert, used it as his weapon of choice and it begs the question of whether he inherited it or, as a blacksmith, made it himself. Indeed, Robert used the Warhammer to kill Prince Rhaegar. It was supposed to be so heavy that Ned Stark couldn't even lift it.

Artist's impression of Robert Baratheon. Credit Lesnar via Deviant Art

Either way, I can't believe Gendry is finally back. I feel he's making an appearance purely to die, however, and I wish I could shake this thought off.

Now there's only Syrio to come because there's no way that piece of shit Ser Meryn killed him, though we're not going to be revealing that today unfortunately.

"All men are made of water, do you know this? If you pierce them, the water leaks out and they die."


Featured image credit: HBO

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