Emilia Clarke Watched Videos Of Hitler In Preparation For Game Of Thrones Finale


As a general rule of thumb, it isn't advisable to emulate Adolf Hitler. However, when your job is to make powerful and fearsome speeches in a foreign language then it may not be such a bad idea.

That appears to be the modus operandi of Emilia Clarke anyway.

The actor - who of course plays Daenerys Targaryen - had to deliver a rousing speech to her army in Dothraki and Valyrian in the final episode of Game of Thrones, having taken control of King's Landing.

In preparation for the scene, the 32-year-old has revealed that she studied Hitler - among other dictators - in order to see whether the meaning of a speech can be understood even if the actual words cannot (because Dothraki and Valyrian are of course both made-up languages, understood only by people who quite frankly like Game of Thrones too much).

She concluded that you definitely can, and she carried this preparation method with her throughout the production of the show.

Emilia Clarke said she watched videos of Hitler in preparation for her speeches in Game of Thrones. Credit: HBO
Emilia Clarke said she watched videos of Hitler in preparation for her speeches in Game of Thrones. Credit: HBO

Speaking to Variety, she said: "In giving all these speeches in fake languages, I watched a lot of videos of - now it seems funny - dictators and powerful leaders speaking a different language to see if I could understand what they were saying without knowing the language.

"And you can. You absolutely can understand what Hitler's fucking saying, these single-focus orators speaking a foreign language.

"So I thought, 'If I can believe every single word I'm saying, the audience won't need to be looking at the subtitles much.'"

In the interview, Clarke also revealed that she never anticipating feeling so 'numb' when the final episode did at last draw to a close - despite the fact she felt as though she had been well braced for the end to come.

Emilia Clarke said the end of the show left her feeling numb. Credit: PA
Emilia Clarke said the end of the show left her feeling numb. Credit: PA

She said: "It feels very, very odd. It's that kind of thing where it's so big, you feel quite numb to it. We've been saying goodbye to it for a while.

"The last two seasons were sort of like, "Oh, the end is coming. It's coming!' Because it's not [1980s sitcom] Cheers. The whole show is building toward winter coming. Every day you're at work, you're preparing for this to end in some massive way.

"We've been building up to it for so long, and then you wrap, other people wrap, the show finishes, but then you've got the first episode of the last season, the biggest episode of the last season, the last episode of the last season - it's been a lot.

"Nothing prepared me to feel so numb when I was watching the absolute end."

If you, like Emilia, were left feeling numb at the end of the show, then you may want to check out HBO's new series Chernobyl, which has a higher rating on IMBd than Game of Thrones.

How did you feel about the end of the show? Let us know at Game of Thrones: Westeros Posting on Facebook.

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