Fan Thinks He's Spotted Major Game Of Thrones Character Held Captive In Episode Five

Heads up, this post contains some spoilers, so if you're not up to date with Game of Thrones - or you're not keen on reading fan-theories that could potentially have spoilers, click away now.

A Game of Thrones fan reckon he's clocked something pretty important in the trailer for this week's episode.

YouTuber Pete Peppers posted a full break-down of the episode five trailer and round about the five minute 50 second mark he points out that as the Golden Company are marching through the King's Landing, if you look between the men you can just about make out a hooded figure who appears to be being held captive.

Pete believes that the shadowy captive you can just about spot is none other than Jamie Lannister. Now, if you remember from episode four, Jamie left Brienne and decided to travel up to the King's Landing - although his intentions aren't clear at the moment, is he planning on making up with his sister Cersei or killing her?

Back to the trailer and Pete asks: "My first thought was who could Cersei have captured that she could send out to the battlefield to turn the tides and get them to surrender?"

Noting that the Company appears to be walking out of the gates - as you can see from the city in the background - rather than going back inside with whoever the captive is. He's also fairly certain that it's a 'man' based on the shape.

Jamie Lannister left for the King's Landing. Credit: HBO
Jamie Lannister left for the King's Landing. Credit: HBO

Taking that into consideration, plus the fact we know he was on his way to the King's Landing, fan Pete thinks it's likely that the captive is indeed Jamie.

He explains: "Perhaps he turned himself in and when he arrived, they ended up taking him captive rather than taking him to Cersei. Or they took him to Cersei and she didn't accept him."

Of course, this is just one guy's theory and he's quick to point out potential problems with it - asking how capturing Jamie would be helpful to Cersei in the grand scheme of things.

Whether the theory turns out to be accurate or not, we'll just have to wait and see but, with just around three hours left before Game of Thrones bows out for good, one thing we're pretty much guaranteed is that episode five will be bloody epic.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

Claire Reid

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