'First Dates Ireland' Hosts One Of The Most Awkward Dates Ever

First Dates is without doubt one of the most awkward shows on TV. It throws total strangers off at the deep end and forces them to go on a date with each other.

Whilst it is not on in the UK just now, the Irish version is keeping the fire burning by producing some truly cringe-worthy moments.

The latest programme saw the audience introduced to Aidan and Siobhan. Buckle up, guys.

Basically, it seemed as if the pair were about as mismatched as it is possible to be. At no point did they ever seem as if they were getting along with one another.

Siobhan seemed embarrassed at certain points, seemed to be laughing with disbelief at others, and even downright offended during some parts of the date.

Aidan looked to be getting absolutely everything wrong. From calling her a 'bird' - not a good idea, fellas - to suggesting that she takes an age to get ready. He even forgot her name at one stage.

For all the world, he looked like he was crashing and burning.

Aidan and Siobhan on 'First Dates Ireland'. Credit: RTE/First Dates
Aidan and Siobhan on 'First Dates Ireland'. Credit: RTE/First Dates

That's not unusual. Hey, if two people just don't click and don't want to date each other, that's fine. They just get on with it and then go their separate ways afterwards.

However, when it came to making a decision about whether they would see each other again, the cringe level cranked up beyond previously observed levels.

Aidan sarted things off by suggesting that she simply wasn't into him. He was getting a vibe that suggested that it just wasn't happening between them.

Then, Siobhan chucked a grenade into the middle of things by suggesting that she actually would like to see him again - or at least, would have liked to see him again - leading to serious awkwardness and disbelief from Aidan.

"I don't think I was what she was looking for," said Aidan.

After a fair bit of umming and aahing, he said that he knew that she didn't fancy him. Fair enough.

Credit: RTE/First Dates
Credit: RTE/First Dates

Credit: RTE/First Dates
Credit: RTE/First Dates

Except, Siobhan then said: "I said that I would have liked to have seen him again romantically, yeah."

This led to something of an epiphany for Aidan. He decided that should perhaps have tried to read the signs a bit better, rather than expecting her to throw herself at him.

Yeah, maybe a bit, mate.

Anyway, he rounded the whole cringe-fest off in philosophical fashion, adding: "Hmm, she must have had some shit dates before..."

Credit: RTE/First Dates
Credit: RTE/First Dates

Imagine if they get married. What a story to tell the grandkids, eh?

Featured Image Credit: First Dates/RTE

Tom Wood

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