​Gino D'Acampo Has A Go At Kids For Liking Pineapple On Pizza

Italian TV chef Gino D'Acampo settled the pineapple-on-pizza debate this morning - though not without having a go at the kid who'd just admitted it was her favourite topping.

The controversy of pineapple on a pizza - or in any savoury dish, for that matter - is well established. While some enjoy the unusual sweet and savoury mashup, others just can't comprehend the combination, and refuse to take it seriously as a legitimate pizza topping.

But however much some of you might hate it, we reckon no one will be able to top Gino D'Acampo, who really, really hates even the thought of it.

Appearing on This Morning, Gino was joined by three children for a light-hearted pizza masterclass. Ruth asked them if they've ever made pizza before, and a few nodded shyly.

Gino's tirade then began early, as he said: "So you buy the base and then you do something on top? That is not making pizza."

Credit: ITV
Credit: ITV

After they've started mixing together the ingredients for the base, Gino then asks them all what their favourite toppings are.

"Pineapple and ham," replies one kid, Poppy, clearly oblivious to the backlash that awaits her.

Gino was outraged, saying: "Pineapple, a fruit, on a pizza?"

Everyone in the studio laughs, but Gino's clearly not impressed. Ruth then backed the young guest and asked Gino what's wrong with the combination, but that only aggravated Gino further.

"Pineapple should never be on a pizza. It's like putting an apple on a pizza," he said furiously.

"It's an American thing, blame him," Eamonn Holmes chips in.

The general consensus seemed to side with Gino, taking his outrage as the long-awaited proof they needed.

But some viewers defended poor ol' Poppy, arguing that tomato's technically also a fruit and is of course the staple of most pizzas. Others just saying that they liked the taste, and that people should be free to top their pizza with whatever they like.

This Morning also tweeted a poll to see which toppings reigned supreme among viewers, with 34 percent preferring pepperoni (another Americanised favourite), 25 percent cheese and tomato and 19 percent for pineapple.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/This Morning

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