Frankie Muniz Has Binged Watched ‘Malcolm In The Middle’ After Admitting Memory Loss

Fans of Malcolm in the Middle couldn't help but feel bad for Frankie Muniz after the former child star admitted he couldn't remember filming the show. But it wasn't a case of a heavy drug or alcohol habit that caused his amnesia, it's a result of several concussions and mini-strokes.

The only tiny silver lining out of this sad turn of events for the 31-year-old, is that he decided to binge watch Malcolm in the Middle to joy his memory. He's told TMZ: "It's not something that I've really talked about because it's just me, it's just my life. So it just feels normal to me.

"I remember certain moments [of Malcolm in the Middle] but they're brought back by either watching or seeing certain pictures and stuff. I binged it this summer because I've never seen it, like I've never really seen all the episodes and it was fun.

"I don't see it as me because I don't necessarily remember filming it but I actually got to watch it as a fan and enjoy the show because the show is really funny, I'm happy I was a part of it."

Hopefully he remembers moments like this:

Credit: Malcolm In The Middle / Fox

The reporter asks whether illicit substances were a contributor to his memory loss, but he pointed to a 'ZERO' tattoo on his forearm, which is for his zero tolerance for drugs or alcohol and says he's never had a sip of alcohol.

After his early television career, Muniz became a race car driver in 2006, becoming a regular and he has suffered a number of concussions and broken bones. It was during one serious injury that he began playing in the rock group Kingsfoil (which he also managed) while recuperating.

"Since 2006, I've broken 38 bones," he told People earlier this year. However, while his regular accidents may explain a number of his concussions, the cause of the 'mini-strokes' are less clear. Thankfully, unlike a full stroke, they have no lasting effect other than forcing him to life down until the dizziness has passed.

Frankie Muniz
Frankie Muniz

Frankie Muniz's forearm says ZERO for his approach to alcohol and drugs. Credit: PA

The strokes, otherwise known as transient ischemic attacks, are caused by a loss of blood flow but unlike full strokes they don't cause tissue damage, though they can cause temporary loss of vision, paralysis, slurred speech and mental confusion.

There is no proven way of avoiding them though lifestyle changes like regular exercise and not smoking are recommended for anyone suffering from them regularly.

Frankie also says his girlfriend has been really helpful in trying to preserve his memory by writing what they do together in a journal.

Sources: People, TMZ

Featured Image Credit: Malcolm In The Middle/Fox​

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