Game Of Thrones Angry That Jon Snow Didn't Say Goodbye To Ghost


Well, there we have it.

Missandei and Grey Worm will never reach that beach in Naath, Rhaegal sleeps at the bottom of the sea, and the Battle for King's Landing is about to be waged between two unhinged, grief-driven queens at the end of their fucking tether.

After Missandei's death, if Daenerys Targaryen isn't quite 'The Mad Queen' yet, she's certainly the 'Pissed Off Queen' already.

The Fucking Livid Queen, more like. Credit: HBO
The Fucking Livid Queen, more like. Credit: HBO

However, one scene in the latest episode of Game of Thrones got viewers talking much more than any other. Jon Snow leaving his faithful direwolf companion Ghost behind at Winterfell.

Well, not exactly, Ghost is supposed to be taken north by Tormund Giantsbane to live out his days amongst the free folk. But still, that's a bit like leaving a puppy with your university flatmate because you're moving in with your girlfriend.

Sure, you ride a dragon literally twice ever and then suddenly forget all about your faithful chum who has not only been with you since the very beginning of the whole show, but also charged off into battle for you and lost an ear as recently as last week.

Ghost is the goodest boy of them all, and deserved at least a pat on the head and a hug before you bugger off down south, Jon Snow.

The internet agrees.

One person said: "Just wanna give a huge shout out to Ghost for being the best boy"

Another said: "Jon Snow says goodbye to everyone In Winterfell...Yet doesn't even pet Ghost. What a load of bullshit."

A third added: "Can we all agree the real villain here is Jon Snow for not saying goodbye to Ghost?"

For once, everyone on the internet is right. You might be the rightful king of the Seven Kingdoms, but you're sure capable of being a bastard, Jon Snow.

He even hung around whilst you were dead, you piece of shit. Credit: HBO
He even hung around whilst you were dead, you piece of shit. Credit: HBO

Anyway, here's hoping that Ghost can go north with the wildlings and live out his days hunting rabbits, eating raw meat, and maybe even find his sister Nymeria again if he's really lucky.

After all he's been through he deserves a rest.

Meanwhile a severely depleted - and now a translator and dragon short - army looks set to lay waste to King's Landing in the next episode.

When they do, they might do well to remember that in these situations, having a loyal and bloodthirsty direwolf at your back is often an advantage.

Especially after this... Credit: HBO
Especially after this... Credit: HBO

What next for our heroes? Are any of them really heroes anymore?

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Game of Thrones continues on Monday 13th May on Sky Atlantic at 2am and then again at 9pm.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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