HBO Responds To Misplaced Coffee Cup In Game Of Thrones


For the more devout Game of Thrones fans in the UK, it has required a bit of extra effort to watch each episode as soon as they are aired at 2am each week... a coffee or two has been a must.

But it took a lot of viewers by surprise to see Daenerys Targaryen seemingly partaking in some kind of takeaway coffee in the most recent episode.

Assuming you have watched the episode (why else would you be here?), you will recall all of the main characters enjoyed - or at least tried to enjoy - a lovely feast.

You'll remember that they had all just survived the huge battle between the living and dead, and Arya Stark managed to land the telling blow on the Night King, shattering him up into tiny little chunks of ice.

So, naturally, everyone is in high spirits and in the mood for a wine or six. Except for the Mother of Dragons that is, who seems to instead be keeping her wits about her with a takeaway coffee.

Viewers noticed the out of place beverage at the feast. Credit: HBO
Viewers noticed the out of place beverage at the feast. Credit: HBO

Of course, there's nothing wrong with turning down an alcoholic beverage in favour of something caffeinated, it's just fairly unclear where she should procured such a drink in Winterfell, as there's been no mention of a Starbucks/Costa/Central Perk as of yet.

Naturally, the internet was soon awash with people pointing out the blunder... which must be fairly frustrating for HBO who have spent copious amount of time and money on the show. But it seems they have taken the mistake with good grace anyway.

In a press release, it said: "The latte that appeared in the episode was a mistake. Daenerys had ordered an herbal tea."

Well played guys. Well played.

Elaborating on the error in an email to Variety, art director Hauke Richter said that this sort of thing happens on set all the time, but in this instance it has been blown way out of proportion because, well, it's Game of Thrones and millions of people are watching.

What did you make of the latest episode? What does everyone else in Westeros order at the coffee shop?

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Game of Thrones continues next Monday on Sky Atlantic at 2am, then again at 9pm.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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